Monday, June 29, 2015

Brett Gardner - AL Player of the Week & Jacoby Ellsbury's Rehab Assignment

Brett Gardner has been named the American League’s Player of the Week for last week. The New York Yankees outfielder hit an impressive .500 with nine runs scored, two home runs, four doubles and knocked in 6 RBI in six games for New York. This is Gardner’s third AL Player of the Week Award in his career. A big congrats goes out to him.

FYI in case you were wondering Jacoby Ellsbury, the Yankees center fielder, will begin a rehab assignment this week, maybe as early as tonight, and could presumably be with the team in the Bronx Friday night when the team plays host to the Tampa Bay Rays.


  1. Great news for both players!

    On another note, Everyone wondered if A-Rod could catch up to the fastball...he has!
    One problem is, all the teams know he can hit the fastball so now, they are throwing him breaking balls and he is way off balance with them. I think he will have trouble the rest of the way if he keeps looking for a fastball strike! They aren't throwing him very many fastball strikes to swing at and he is way out in front of the breaking balls.
    The old saying for him will be, "Stay back young man"! The thing is, he is a student of the game and a smart hitter so, I am sure he is well aware of the pitching style used against him now, and will adapt to it...maybe tonight!?!?

    1. He will adapt. At the beginning of the season he couldn't hit a 95 MPH fastball to save his life and he was hitting 7th in the lineup. 15 home runs later he's the second best offensive weapon on the team because he, and I didn't notice it until you pointed it out Mr. Reed so hat tip to you, eliminated the leg kick. He'll fix it, I have the faith.


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