Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Night Open Thread

Well the Yankees game is in the books and so is my energy level for the day, sounds like the perfect opportunity to utilize one of these nifty little open threads for the night. The Yankees have been playing 8:00 pm ET games the last three Saturday’s in a row so it will be nice to be able to watch a movie with the kids or something, you know?

So here is the thread for the night, use it to talk about whatever you like. The Knicks draft score? The Yankees inability to hit Dallas Keuchel or any bad teams this season? Alex Rodriguez’s run at an ESPN ESPY Award? Have fun and enjoy.

I leave you with this music recommendation out of my own personal iPod. The band is called “Seether” and the name of the song is "FMLYHM." Enjoy!


  1. Greedy - I love the sound when you come undone

  2. What is the use of having a blog, if everyone agrees on everything? Unlike some blogs out there, here we are given the opportunity to write as we think with no fear of being blackballed.

    We try to have respect for each other and have fun at the same time, which I presume is what you have at "TheBronxBomber", right?
    You guys did good, it was good reading!

    1. I have only the deepest respect and admiration for GP - (and the boys) Greedy and I speak our own language called #MUSTSPEAKSARCASM but many people only speak English. The line above comes from the song "FMLYHM." One of my favorites. It just fit the sentiments of being spent for the night:)

    2. Bronx Bomber and I have nothing but respect for each other, we know that. Needs to come around more often so I can come undone.

    3. I think (hope) what I wrote was not disrespectful to anyone. That was not the intention at all. My intention was to point out you guys did a very good job of disagreeing without being disagreeable or disrespectable...which is not the case with many of the blogs out there.


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