Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A-Rod and the magic number

Oh, A-Rod. Just think what could have been!

Despite the proven allegations of A-Rod’s PED use, the euphoria surrounding the chase for his 3,000 struck a similar tone to when Derek Jeter was chasing his 3,000 hit. Both Jeter and A-Rod hit homeruns to achieve the milestone. Yet Jeter is a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer while A-Rod must settle for his season of redemption.

It’s a shame that his need to artificially supplement his natural talents will prevent A-Rod from having a Hall of Fame career. He will undoubtedly go down as one of the best players to ever play the game. However, after his playing career is finished, A-Rod will be ostracized by the game in a similar manner to Pete Rose. Pete Rose’s accomplishments are certainly historic, but his actions during his playing and managerial career got himself blacklisted from the MLB.

As a result of suing the MLBPA, A-Rod — whether he wants to acknowledge it or not —alienated his peers in the game. While he is saying all the right things now, it is too little too late. With that being said, 3,000 hits is still 3,000 hits. The accomplishment may be tainted, but from where I sit, it does not take away from the hard work required to achieve this milestone.

Only if A-Rod did it the right way…


  1. I honestly think A Rod would have been better without the steroids. I truly believe, and the facts about steroid use at least support this theory, both hip injuries and most of his lower body injuries can be associated to prolonged steroid use. That's three seasons at least that he isn't getting back due to steroids... close to three full seasons... imagine his numbers then.

    1. Danie,l I think we have both been of the opinion he never needed anything to help him along the way. And will be one of the great players of all least that I have ever seen.


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