Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Run Derby Preview

This evening on ESPN the 2015 Gillette Home Run Derby will take place with a new set of rules, a new roster and a new timed event. The numbers above are a little out of date(by about a week actually) and I have updated those numbers below.

1. Albert Pujols - 26
8. Kris Bryant - 12

4. Joc Pederson - 20
5. Manny Machado - 19

3. Josh Donaldson - 21
6. Anthony Rizzo - 16

2. Todd Frazier - 25
7. Prince Fielder - 14

The new rules for the game state that each hitter will not get a set number of outs like in year's past but instead will have a five-minute clock running at all times during the contest. The batter will have five minutes to see how many home runs he can hit in the time period. In the final minute the clock will stop after each home run hit and will restart after what used to be constituted as an "out" is recorded. Batters will be awarded time bonuses if they hit two home runs that travel at least 420 feet and another time bonus if the home run travels at least 475 feet.

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