Friday, July 3, 2015

Yankees Leaders through 79 Games


Games Played:

Chase Headley - 77

At Bats:

Chase Headley - 298

Runs Scored:

Brett Gardner - 58


Brett Gardner - 86


Brett Gardner - 21

Home Runs:

Mark Teixeira - 19


Mark Teixeira - 54


 Brett Gardner - .304 (among qualifies players)



Nathan Eovaldi and CC Sabathia - 16


 Justin Wilson - 36


Nathan Eovaldi and Michael Pineda - 8


CC Sabathia - 8


Bullpen: Andrew Miller - 1.03

Rotation: Ivan Nova - 1.50


Rotation: Michael Pineda - 95

Bullpen: Dellin Betances - 64


  1. Brett Gardner once thought of as a 4th or 5th OF for a weak team, leading the team in four hitting categories thus far into the season...not bad. Hopefully when Ells gets back they can give the guy some rest, or pay the price later when he is wore out!

  2. Yeah, not bad for a punchin Judy hitter.

    1. In before a "this is more of a representative about how bad the offense is and not so much a praise of Gardner" comment in 3....2....1...

  3. Levin Levein Levin. The person who is the hitter leader of all time..The Gambling Man Pete Rose was a punch and Judy hitter. What don't you get yet? Punch and Judy has nothing to do with average, it has to do with power numbers and lets not confuse Gardner with Mr. Miguel or Stanton just yet

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  5. I just think your definition of a punch and Judy hitter is a little vague. Please clarify what makes somebody a punch and Judy hitter. To me, it's somebody like Infante, Dee Gordon, Erik Aybar, or Cesar Izturis. Somebody like Ellsbury, Gardner, or even Rose don't strike me that way.

  6. Ellsbury has power, Rod Carew one of the greatest hitters of all time, punch and Judy. You're getting offended because I view Gardner as a punch and Judy. You want to view him like some big power hitter then go ahead, to me he is a singles hitter that will occasionally hit a HR in Yankee Stadium short porch. Average has nothing to do with the terminology of a singles hitter.

  7. Now I understand that you're not using it in a negative way. Mentioning people like Carew and Rose in the same category is evidence of that. Would you mind explaining why Ellsbury and his 1 homerun on the year has power though? Ellsbury has accidentally hit 32 one year but that's it.

  8. Really Levin. I can pick guys thought time that have never hit homers and one season hit a tremendous amounts. Brady Anderson of the O's. in 1992 he had 13 HR then 12 HR the year after then he had 16 Hr and hit 50 in 1996 and then dropped off the 18 two years in a row.. You can't let this go. He is a punch and Judy hitter thats my opinion you think otherwise thats your opinion. Let's look at how many homers Gardner has hit in his career and look at Ellsbury. Ells bury has 82 in 9 years and Gardner has 49 in 8 years. Until you have better numbers to back up your facts I'm not wasting any more oxygen on this. You just don't understand the difference between a guy that hits singles and someone with power. I'll take a healthy Ellsbury everyday of the week and twice on Sunday over Gardner and the stats prove it.

  9. Ellsbury has almost 1000 more at bats than Gardner. Stop cherry picking your stats to support your outlandish opinions. You hate the owners, you hate the front office, you hate the farm system, you hate our coaching staff, and you hate our players. Honestly, you sound like a Red Sox fan. Why do you get to say anything you want, and then turn into an asshole whenever somebody contradicts you?

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  11. By the definition, Punch and Judy hitter is one that has little to no power and low batting Avg!
    KHs definition would encompass Jeter, Brett, Carew, Ells etc asl Punch and Judy hitters, right KH?
    Except HRs are only the largest part of the equation, one must add doubles triples as they are also counted as extra base hits...thus, power numbers, not P&J!

  12. Punch and Judy simply means one that hits for little to no power, doesn't factor in batting average.

    I hate to defend Hans but I don't think he's being negative when he calls Gardner, or anyone, a punch and Judy hitter. By definition this team is loaded with those types of hitters unfortunately

    1. By the way Didi is a punch and judy hitter as well just for clarification

  13. Wow Burch that stung a bit about hating to defend me, but yes you are correct. What these gentlemen fail to realize is that it means they don't hit for power it has noting to do with doubles and triples because we all should no speed as well as where the ball is hit comes into play on doubles or even triples. I have seen bloopers turn into doubles and it has nothing to do with ones power. I will say it one last time and if you guys can't accept it then go F yourself already. Gardner to me is a punch and judy hitter. Why this was even brought up last week is beyond me since I made that comment months ago, however one particular individual felt compelled because Gardner went on hot streak. Well guys if you follow this game long enough you will realize this isn't a sprint its a marathon so lets see where he finishes the season avg and HR wise. I'm done answering myself over and over again. You guys want to get nasty with words towards me I'm coming back after you. I have no problem at all dishing it back

    1. Didn't mean it as an insult as much as I mean't that it would be boring if we all sat here, agreed and jerked each other off. Nothing but respect for you and anyone on this board, my apologies if that did not come across in the text.

  14. Ken H, where have you been treated nastily by me? Only one time (maybe twice) and then only because you were a bit on the dark side in your rebuttal. I try not to interject insults in my replies but when someone starts be it!
    I have tried to be nice to you and not call you names, but you still think I am picking on you for some reason. You do seem to hate everything about the Yankees and will not give a thought you may be wrong about anything.
    Hell, I am always right until I am wrong! When I am wrong, I am wrong and will admit it! You have many sound ideas and express them time and again, but they are ideas of yours. Sometimes, one of us see the same thing differently...does that make one of us wrong, not really, just a different outlook of the same subject.
    Have a nice day Ken H!

  15. Punch and Judy, ie: a hitter with Little or No power!
    Didi fits that, but Brett not so much!
    Brett is very close to that, but the (so called) experts have said he has some pop but mostly gap power. Gap Power; hitting the ball hard enough to get over the outfielders or in the gap to the wall...thus, he is not a true power hitter nor a P&J hitter, just a player that gets the job done!
    My opinion, not a fact!

    Disagreeable old man, aren't I? Don't answer that! LOL

    1. Brett does have some nice power, like I've said before when he hits them they aren't cheap. He isn't a 20-25 home run guy probably but he's not paid to be. Punch and Judy, leadoff hitter, same difference.

    2. I'll buy that plus fans judge him as a left fielder...power hitters play left/right field. He is playing out of position because of Ells in center, which is good in a way because LF is very large and needs a CF type player over there. I think the yankees are happy to have him in LF.


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