Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Armchair Quarterback: Should New York Have DL'd Mark Teixeira?

Mark Teixeira missed over a week’s worth of baseball with a bruised bone in his leg after fouling a pitch off it at possibly the worst time in the season. Teixeira may be the most indispensable part of the Yankees offense and defense this season and to miss over a week without a disabled list stint not only leaves the offense searching for others to step up but it also leaves the team with a short bench. It’s really a moot point now and there isn’t much sense in second guessing and playing an arm chair quarterback after the fact but I felt all along that it would be wise to immediately DL Teixeira and call up Robert Refsnyder, here's why.

The Yankees are in the midst of a dog fight in the American League East Division race with the Toronto Blue Jays and cannot afford Teixeira sitting at all during the rest of August, September or October because his leg is sore. The team, in my opinion, should have immediately DL’d Teixeira and called up Refsnyder to add another option to the lineup and the bench. Teixeira cannot simply “take a day” unless the team is ready to let the division go by the wayside and settle for a Wild Card. It is imperative to get Teixeira 100% healthy and if he’s going to miss over a week anyway why not just be sure? You know?

The Yankees have been able to survive without Teixeira and if he's 100% at this point then whatever, I just don't believe that he is. I hope I'm wrong and I hope this is a moot point come October but the pessimist in me won't allow myself to believe it. What say you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section of the site.

Hat tip to Jeff Levin in the comments section of the blog for coming up with the idea for this blog post!

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  1. I wrote this yesterday before Teixeira made me look like a wizard by sitting out today's loss with a "sore" leg.


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