Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick Hit: Mark Teixeira Needs to Calm Down

Can someone, anyone reading this, please give Mark Teixeira a chill pill please? This guy is completely out of control right now, not that I have an issue with it. Back last month the Yankees third base coach Joe Espada sent Teixeira home on what should have been a routine scoring chance for the Yankees. Long story short, Teixeira was thrown out after being told to take it easy and Mark took offense to it. Mark had a point, he could have gotten hurt, but the way he reacted was a bit outlandish in my opinion. He stood there staring down at Espada mouthing something that we will probably never hear and even threw a water cool Paul O’Neill style in the clubhouse. Then Sunday came…

On Sunday Teixeira was heading over into the stands to catch a foul ball against the Toronto Blue Jays. Again, long story short the ball fell into the stands and contact was made between Teixeira and the fans. If you watched the game or even the replays you can see that the fan gave Teixeira a chance to catch the ball, something the fan did not have to do since the ball was in HIS part of the stadium. The contact with Teixeira was minor and obviously and blatantly accidental, however Teixeira alluded to being “assaulted” in an interview after the game.

Mark, again with good reason, was worried about his health and his safety on the play but again, it was accidental. The ball was in the stands, that’s fair game for the fans, and the fan gave him a chance to catch the ball. The fan did not move until the ball had hit the ground and was called a foul ball basically being the anti-Steve Bartman. The fan did what he was supposed to and if you did what you were supposed to the out would have been made and the contact would have never been made, calm down Mark. 

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