Friday, August 7, 2015

TGP Daily Poll: Sending a Message to Toronto

The New York Yankees need to send a message to the Toronto Blue Jays, their fans and the rest of the American League this weekend. While Toronto added and added and added at the deadline this is still the Yankees division, and upcoming series, to win.

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Side note: New York has a great chance to win Game Three of the series with Masahiro Tanaka on the mound while the offense is likely to do something tonight for Nathan Eovaldi if history is any indicator of the future. The tough game will be Game Two with Ivan Nova and David Price on the mound. The Yankees have done well recently against Price but I think the lefty has a chip on his shoulder after being traded so you never know. I still think it’s a series win and a message sent for New York heading into the off day on Monday. 

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