Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Yankees & The August No-Trade Deadline

Disclaimer: This is not a rant, this is a legitimate question and concern.

The New York Yankees watched as the Toronto Blue Jays geared up for a potential playoff race in 2015 and watched as the team has passed them by twice already in the American League East Division race. We know the list of names that GM Alex Anthopoulos added; Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, Mark Lowe and LaTroy Hawkins after adding Josh Donaldson in the offseason. In a word the Jays are stacked while the Yankees stood pat and decided to roll the dice with prospects Luis Severino and Greg Bird. I have no problem with living and dying with the prospects, I have clamored for it for two seasons now, but if the right deal comes along that helps the squad you have to make it. If the July 31st trade deadline and what has happened thus far in August is any indicator of the future we may be looking at an August no-trade deadline coming up here in less than a week.

So many players are clearing waivers that could potentially help the Yankees and players are being traded at an accelerated pace for the month of August but the Yankees remain quiet. Again, I have no problem with remaining quiet but I do have a problem with keeping players that are not part of the best 25 players on the team. Having Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew both on the roster is redundant in my opinion, especially with Robert Refsnyder down on the farm. Having Chris Capuano still on the team seems unnecessary to me when there are so many better options available via trade or call up. Having so many outfielders that are speed and defense first and less about their offense, Ben Gamel, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams when healthy and Jake Cave come to mind, with glaring needs on the team seems ignorant to me.

I'm okay with a August no-trade deadline but I am not okay with not bringing the best 25 players, within reason, on the roster in the middle of a pennant race. I'm patient and I'm cautiously optimistic but only for so long.


  1. I do have a problem how this is all playing out. First let me say that in the beginning of the year I said the Yanks will finish 3rd and at this point I'm surprised where we are in the standings. Third is not far off as well, however we are this close and our management team of the Coupon Clipper and the Elf have for some reason decided not to make a move. I am one to stick top my guns so my beliefs are as follows in no particular order on why we are sitting on our ass.

    1. Cashman can't make a deal of significance other than signing FA and writing a check
    2. Hal talks about taking on money, but we all know it isn't the case.
    3. I am displeased as are many of you that Refsnyder is still down on the farm for whatever reason he is there.
    4. Cashman doesn't have to give up his top prospects now to make a move yet he holds firm, which brings me back to point one and two.
    5. You don't want Refsnyder than get me Kinsler. The Tigers are out of it and I'm sure they will move him for second or third their prospects.

    If this team has come this far and misses the playoffs I call for an immediate firing of Cashman which we all know will never happen as Hal is at fault as well and firing Cashman means that Hal would have to can his own ass. This is how a 3 billion dollar organization acts lol!!!!

    1. I agree Hans, if this team misses the postseason Cashman should be out on his ass. We all know the manager always goes first but an exception should be made. Bring me Refsnyder and bring me a damn championship!

  2. You have just made the case for where the blame should be directed and it isn't at the feet of Cashman's! For years, come trading time, if the Yanks needed someone they went out and got them. Many times it was a good deal and the team made the playoffs, sometimes they even won.

    Here are a few players Cashman did sign;
    '98-Scott Brosius
    '05-Chien Wang (CMW)

    All of these players contributed to many of the Yankee wins over the years. Also, at the same time he made some bad calls but that is the name of the game. Blaming Cashman for not getting players he would sign (IF, the deal were right) in a hot minute isn't really fair. GM's don't control the money, at least, not with Hal running things on this team.

    So, my question to the fans out there can the GM sign a player if not given the money to do so? Being as Cashman is not the Boss, he can't just sign a player without money. We know for a fact there was a player Cashman wanted to sign (name?) and everything came down to a few more $$$$$ more money was given to the deal.

    I think the blame is at the top, not at the GMs doorstep, in many cases...not all! My opinion, right or wrong!

    1. FYI Cashman did not sign or acquire Tino, Wells or Brosius. Cashman was named the GM in February of 1998, Brosius signed in November of 1997.

    2. I knew I was reaching, but I couldn't remember which of them it was...thank you!

  3. My comment was directed at his inability to make trades successfully in a big scope of things. He has not proven to do this over the last four or five years. You pointed out winners, how about these losers. Vasquez twice, Pedro Feliciano who by the way never threw a pitch in a season game for the Yanks. Kei Igawa, Jeff Weaver, Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, Jared Wright and the list goes on and on. I don't have the patience to produce a list like you did, but know this his loser list is probably bigger than what you produced.

    1. Hans, I did say he made some bad choices and some good ones. I was trying to point out the fact that many of his choices did help the team win. Who was the boss these last four or five years? Hal/Hank and they wouldn't give money for prime players. We did get money for Ells and Beltran but one was on the downslide and the other cost too much (Ells) my opinion.
      And I think one of those on the list was wrong...old age!
      Thanks for your reply Hans.

  4. We keep bringing up that Hal won't take on salary but ignore the fact that the Yankees were not only willing to take on the salary of David Price with an extension but also willing to take on not only the contract of Craig Kimbrel but Jedd Gyorko as well.

    1. A deal was in the works but when the ante went up, Hal wouldn't authorise the funds for the, goodbye to that one!

    2. I never read that. I read that San Diego wanted Mateo, Cashman said no. Cashman came crawling back last second and offered Mateo and to taker Gyorko, San Diego hung up the phone.

    3. If I am not mistaken (? right) it was a hitter we had on the line and it came down to more money...and it wasn't a huge amount.

    4. I never read that, not to say it didn't happen.

  5. Time out Burch Beer. I'm actually with Reed on this one. Hal talks crap about taking on money so which is it? Hal not taking on money or the Elf not being able to make a deal for bering inept? Probably a little of both. Allegedly they would take on salary with Price or CG but no deal was ever made because look who is running the show. Elf and Coupon Clipper

    1. Not deal was made because Cashman held onto Severino and Mateo and I agree with Cash on both deals.

      If the Yankees bullpen was a problem I have no issue giving up a 20 year old kid in A Ball for Kimbrel, even with the Gyorko contract. Bullpen was and is still a strength.

      Trading someone the team thinks is an ace in the making for an ace that has said numerous times he doesn't want to pitch for the Yankees makes no sense.

      This season there were no obvious deals to be made. The offense scored the second most runs in baseball, the bullpen had five lights out relievers and the rotation was pitching the best it has all season. That's baseball

      Before this season you likely have a beef and I'm not disagreeing, just bantering like I do sometimes.

  6. What player (among many) did they have a deal, but Hal wouldn't come up with the extra it would cost? Anyone know? I don't!

    1. We aren't always privy to this information so who knows?

  7. OK before the deadline I myself and you can go back and look at my posts said we need another arm and a bat. Well I hate to be the one who said I told you so, but look at what we need right now. Another arm and a bat. There were deals that were out there to be made and you wouldn't have had to give either kid away. Your going to tell me Sanchez couldn't be part of the deal, not sold on Judge and with his size it will be a real liability for him to play OF so he is either a 1st baseman and we know Bird is next in line or DH and with the geriatric ward we have there will be no space for him at DH.

    Lets call it for really what it is which is an owner that lies worse than Nixon did with Watergate and a gm that really can't pull off the big deal. Come on Burch he just can't do it. So your answer is come on Hans who did you want and I will tell you again that I wanted Hammels because we had him under control. Then you will say we would've had to give up the three untouchables and then I would say once again that our farm system isn't top flight because other teams are able to do these deals and still have top flight talent left like the Rangers and the Jays or in the past the Giants or Cards

    1. You are right on a few points for sure Hans. One being our System is not full of "Can't miss players" but, those few we do have must not be given away. Otherwise, we end up where we started and are at right now. Giving away the farm for a win this year is not the way to go...we have done that over and over again. That is one reason we have Beltran, Ellsbury, Tex, CC and A-Rod taking up space that could be used for someone younger and healthy.
      All of them have or had contracts to long for their age. Now we have big contracts that are holding our more talented kids off the team.
      What do we do with our top 5-10 system players? We keep them for the day we DFA Drew, Ryan and CC quits for medical reasons. Thus, we have more under control players and frees up money for one or two FA with shorter contracts.
      What say you?

    2. If you check my posts Hans Cole Hamels was also on my list of wants for the same reason. Him and Price if the team got an extension done before the end of the season. Wasn't disagreeing with you whatsoever

    3. I say what I have been saying for quite some time now, which is that our farm system isn't that good and I will say it has been better this year, however as I have been preaching Cashman should have been escorted from the building years ago as he is the mastermind behind the baseball operations. Though he may not actually make the draft picks he is the President of baseball operations and having Newman and Oppenheimer for all these years and not to being able to produce a top flight talent in an everyday position or a top flight arm is disgusting to me.

      Then when we need to replace the clown in charge of the draft we hire a minor league hitting instructor to run the show. Are you kidding me!!!. Instead of looking at some up and coming talent from the Cards, Or Giants or another top program we give the job to a minor league hitting instructor. By the way I decided tomorrow I will be a brain surgeon so I report to my new job 7:00 am. I figure I can masquerade as a brain surgeon just as Denbo can as the head of player personal.

  8. WITH 36 GAMES LEFT.....don't jump on Hans. He makes sense.
    August 27th, second place, Dustin Ackley....and we are the horses asses, in a dog fight.

    All this time, all the attention paid to our 2015 Yankees...and we come out for the last two
    rounds with Dustin Ackley, as the difference maker ?. George Steinbrenner.... awaken !!
    Are they throwing the fight ? I hope not.....But this is beginning to stink.

    For Hans / Levin & Co.....who hammered the Yankees for trading Shane Greene. Yes, you did.
    Today Greene had season ending surgery to repair numbness in his hand.
    Artery surgery.
    Look, there's saltine crackers, in the basket by that old blind women. Get'em boys !

  9. Patty I did make those claims about Shane Greene and it wasn't only because he started out like a gang buster with Detroit. I truly thought the kid handled himself great last year and that he was durable. Apparently I am wrong on that one. I think Didi has handled himself better the second half of the season and when people were claiming he figured out hitting when he was in the 260 range I thought to myself look at the back of his baseball card and he is now coming back to what he really is as a hitter.

    I will say his D has been very very good and overall my grade at this point is a C+, however I will give him the next thirty two games to see where he finishes before I give my final grade on him. As far as the elf goes I said the same thing when the Ackley trade was made, why in the world do we need him. He is another clone of Ryan and Drew except he can play the OF. Can we please call someone else up from triple A that can play the OF as I am sick and tired of watching Chris Young. Its as bad as watching Drew and Ryan. Cashman already said no moves are going to be made so I wouldn't be surprised if we finished out of the playoffs again this year and we will hear all the rhetoric from Hal about willing to spend money and that our farm system is the feeder program and thats how we are proceeding. News flash Hal and Cashman good teams better themselves to make the playoffs or get players to put them over the top. Asking rookies to do that for you is just asinine. Even on a shoestring budget the Mets had the balls to make moves while the 3 Billion dollar juggernaut added Ackley. Its Effing embarrassing to say the least.

    1. You guys are right in this case, but again I say Follow the Money. Quit blaming Cashman for all the faults at the trading deadline...No Money, No Top Players.

    2. I do believe Hal had something to do with it as well!

    3. Thank you, sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar!
      Holding on to players is Cashman's big thing, although Mateo, Severino, Lindgren, Bird, Judge are the best we have right now...about ready to play a part in the year to come. Mateo is about another year or two away yet.


      Just when I thought it was time to shuffle Hans off to the center, he fools me.
      His words tonight are bold, true, to the point, and on the mark.
      He nailed everything in his comments. Nice job.
      Have Levin pass you one of his stale Budweiser cans. Ask for a cold one.

      Bottom line...with 36 games to go, and the world starting to crash in around the team,
      where / what are they to do?
      Not trying to be funny.....but, I thought they where a contender. A strong contender.

    5. They could have been the kings of the Baseball world with a player here or there. But in each baseball season a little s--t must fall.
      It is a slap in the face to all Yankee fans. I've been there since 1944 as a true Yankee fan even through the REAL BAD TIMES.
      Life is too short to get upset about anything anymore, but it is the biggest FUBAR I have ever encountered in the world of Baseball.
      Maybe I'll go back to watching My best sport...Football.

    6. FUBAR ?....Kenneth, I know what that means !
      But, sir, you are right.

      It looks like a bleed out, and then look for the priest.

      Mr. Steinbrenner would have added a few pieces, by now. That is how all those championship flags were raised.
      I do not understand the mind set here......Dustin Ackley ?

    7. As long as the team makes the postseason then honestly, who cares? They have two viable starters pitching like an ace lately in Tanaka and Severino leaving one to pitch the Wild Card Playoff Game with a short leash and the other to pitch Game One of the ALDS. That would leave Pineda to pitch Game Three, Eovaldi for Game Four and take your pick again for Game Five.

      Last year's World Series was a matchup of two Wild Card teams. I'm not worried until we're on the outside looking in. Then it's FUBAR

  10. Have any of you heard what Kay and the other people in the booth said about any good SS can play 2nd, 3rd and SS...maybe even the outfield and 1st base just as well.
    They lied, over time and hard work yes they may be able to do the job ok and some even great.
    Going from the infield to the outfield is easier than the other way around but as my coaches found out I was a very bad outfielder. Some just can't get a quick enough read off the bat...Fact Jack!
    If any of you have ever played the infield, you know there is a different set of footwork that must be learned, for each position! One thing that is the hardest to get use to is the spin off the bat at 2nd base from a right-hander, and one has to play closer with a man on base for the DP from the left side.
    As one that has been there and done that, believe me when I say those that can do all three of the infield and do them well have a lot more talent than meets the eye. Many play all three spots but are only ok at them (AAA) good. A very few are very good even if you put lead shoes on them. Sorry to say, I knew and know my limitations. I stayed at closer and 2nd base...and have the scars to show from 2nd base!


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