Monday, August 3, 2015

This Day In New York Yankees History 8/3: The Thurman Munson Memorial

On this day in Yankees history yesterday we remembered the great Thurman Munson as he was killed flying an airplane near his home in Ohio. Today in 1979 well over 51,000 mourners attended a memorial service for Mr. Munson at Yankee Stadium.

Also on this day in 1998 the Yankees continued to show their dominance of the league as they routed the Oakland Athletics by the score of 14-1. A's pitcher Mike Oquist gave up all fourteen earned runs becoming the first pitcher in 22 years to give up that many runs in a single game. Oquist was left in to take one on the chin and protect the Athletics bullpen since the next day Oakland and New York had a double header planned.

Also on this day in 1967 the Yankees traded catcher Elston Howard to the Boston Red Sox for cash and two players to be named later. The two PTBNL were Peter Magrini and Ron Klimkowski, both pitchers.

Finally on this day in 1933 the Yankees were shutout for the first time in 309 games as the Athletics beat the Yankees 7-0. The last time the Yankees were shut out before this day was August 2, 1931.


  1. Munson's' death was a big downer for me, he was a gamer one of the better Yankees. He did everything the right way...he sucked it up and played a half of a season with a shoulder injury...he couldn't throw overhand to the bases so, he learned how to get the job done with a 3/4 delivery. He played hard and gave no quarter nor did he ask for any.

    The sad part for me was, I was out of the country and didn't hear about it for weeks.

    That trade of Elly was a disgrace, he was one hell of a player and was one the examples I always give for older players nearing the end of the trail. As with Jeter in 2009 and Elly in 1964, both had one of their better years after a couple of so-so years. They both should have retired after those years. There is usually a very good year just before the downfall.

    1. Wasn't lucky enough to see Munson but to see all the previews from those Los Angeles Dodgers World Series make me feel like he was a special kind of talent in the field.

    2. He was all that Daniel and some! The guy was tough as nails, even Reggie Jackson didn't challenge him.


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