Thursday, August 20, 2015

Twitter Poll: Does Dombrowski To Boston Scare You?

The New York Yankees GM seems to play favorites when it comes to which teams and opposing GM's he will trade with at any given time. One team Cashman has on speed dial is the Arizona Diamondbacks while another is the Seattle Mariners and Mr. Jack Z. Cashman's favorite GM to call and probably his "I.C.E" contact in his personal cellphone was former Detroit Tigers GM and current Boston Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski. Should the Yankees and their fans be worried?

This is a hard question to answer personally. Dombrowski has won everywhere he has been but he has also fleeced Cashman, in my opinion, on more than one occasion. The three team trade that saw Curtis Granderson come to the Yankees, Ian Kennedy and others heading to the Diamondbacks and Max Scherzer, Phil Coke, Austin Jackson and others heading to Detroit. Sure 40 home run power hitters are hard to find and Granderson had his good years with the Yankees but Scherzer, Jackson and Coke led that Tigers team for years. That group almost led Detroit to a World Series victory in 2012 and did lead the team over the Yankees in a sweep in the ALCS.

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  1. He does me. He is head and shoulders above Cashman and unlike the Yankees the Roid Sux are not scared to spend money. They will be back with a vengence

    1. HANS...I fear that even mere shadows frighten you. Too bad.

      Dombrowski, is no Brian Cashman. He no more than a 'B' ...GM.

      Brian has earned my respect. While Dumb-broski was ejected from Detroit.

      Boston has huge monies tied up in aging players, so don't hold your breath
      that the vengence thing will happen anytime soon.
      They are slated for another sub-par season, next season....and, beyond that.
      Which is wonderful.

      You know my book, I just know it. Maybe you require the speaking, cassette form ?

      Call Eovaldi's year a 6-9 ? He is really a 15-2, and will pitch game game.
      If the Yankees do not screw this up.

    2. I figured you'd be happy Hans since he can't fleece Cashman in trades anymore. You generally don't see the Red Sox and the Yankees trading with each other. Another encouraging thing for us is that Dombrowski is going to hire a GM, likely Frank Wren.

    3. Dombrowski to me is a winner. He still will be shrewd, but you're right Cashman won't get his clocked cleaned by him anymore until the day that I pray for happens when Cashman is sent packing. Go read the article in NY Daily News by Martino and see what he says about the ELF at the trade deadline.

  2. Patty Patty Patty. Are you for real? Cashman should've been out of here numerous times but the gutless owner named Hal kept him on. Dombrowski cleans Cashman's clock in every facet of being a GM, except being a womanizer and a rappelling elf. Cashman has him there. DD was ejected from Detroit after having them in the playoffs the last 4 years in a row. We can't say that about your beloved elf now can we? That's right we haven't been in the playoffs the last two years and when we went head to head with Detroit we got beat in the playoffs. I think you have graduated to Irish whisky my friend


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