Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend Finale Open Thread

While this has been one of your run of the mill weekends for most this has been an absolutely crazy weekend for myself. The Yankees came down to Atlanta and I made the two hour trek to Turner Field with my wife and my son and made the two hour trek back to my home on Saturday which really wore me out. When I was younger and it was just me and the wife going to a game and staying out all night was nothing, we even went to work the next day, but now not so much. You don't merely sit in your seats for nine innings with a curious five-year old. You walk around the park, you go to the bathroom about 14 times, you go and get hot dogs, you go  and get drinks, you go see the sites and the museum's inside the ballpark and you're up by 7:00 AM the very next morning because you got two hours of sleep on the way home and you're a kid.

And it was all worth it....

Needless to say I'm beat so I leave you with this open thread to finish off the weekend here on the blog. I may stay up to watch Fear the Walking Dead but I doubt it so just in case I nod off I wanted to leave you here with this music recommendation out of my personal collection. It's my son's favorite song and I think we listened to it like 14 times on the way down to Atlanta Saturday and another nine times on the way home before he finally fell asleep. America's Suitehearts, the remix, by Fallout Boy. Enjoy!

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