Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

The New York offense is struggling to score runs with any sort of consistency and the Yankees are struggling to win any games, period. This is not a good combination for a team in the midst of a playoff race with the Toronto Blue Jays. New York has gone back to getting little to no production out of Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew meaning that while the drum beating has been quiet over the past few weeks that stops today. My name is Daniel Burch and here I am standing before you today with the biggest drum I could find and I’m beating it as loud as I can while I stand outside Brian Cashman’s door screaming at the top of my lungs “Robert Refsnyder!”

Refsnyder has made his fair share of errors but honestly I think it’s more due to him being discouraged than anything. Refsnyder was golden with the glove in the weeks leading up to his promotion and made three errors in less than a week after his demotion. Some call it bad luck, some call it as just the way the chips fell and the cards were dealt but I call it a lack of confidence. Joe Girardi gave Refsnyder the backing he needed while he was up in the Major Leagues letting him start every day, stay in games late rather than pinch hit or substitute him for defense, etc. and Brian Cashman crushed those dreams, and has continued to crush those dreams.

Stop over-grooming Refsnyder, stop wasting his at bats and his bullets in Triple-A and stop slapping the young man in the face. Call him up, keep him up. 


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