Monday, September 28, 2015

Looking Back At MLB Network's 2015 Pre-Season Playoff Predictions

Yesterday we brought you the preseason predictions from the experts and writers over at ESPN and revealed that only one writer, Buster Olney, had the New York Yankees making the postseason in 2015. While I couldn't find an article that broke down predictions by the specific writers I did find a general prediction post from before the 2015 season from MLB Network that I bring to you today. That post, seen HERE, was none too kind to the New York Yankees much like the ESPN article which goes to show you how much the team has exceeded expectations in 2015. 

From the article the MLB Network crew had the Boston Red Sox winning the AL East:

AL EAST: Red Sox
One step back and now another big step forward for the Red Sox is in store, according to our panel. The majority predict Boston's retooled lineup and revamped rotation are headed for a division title, one year after finishing fifth and two years after winning it all. The defending division champion Orioles and Blue Jays were pretty much a dead heat for second place.

The crew also had the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Cleveland Indians representing the American League with the two Wild Card spots:

AL WILD CARDS: Angels and Indians
The Angels are the clear choice as the top Wild Card team, with the Indians right behind them and Blue Jays hot on their tails.

The Seattle Mariners winning the AL pennant? Okay... 

According to our pool of experts, they'll be raising an American League pennant in Seattle for the first time. The Mariners were followed by the Angels and Red Sox in the voting.

Nationals over the Mariners in the 2016 World Series

Presumably in a Seattle-Washington Series (might as well get that out of the way now), our poll concludes that the Nationals will be your World Series champions for 2015.
According to our poll of and MLB Network experts, it'll be Matt Williams hoisting that golden trophy encircled in pennants, and a giddy band of Washington Nationals doing the champagne dance in October.

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