Thursday, October 29, 2015

Forcing Minority Hiring’s a Tough Sell in MLB

If the 2016 MLB season were to begin today Major League Baseball would not have any African-American managers in the game, something that Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to change. Lloyd McClendon was the only African-American manager in the league until the Seattle Mariners fired him this month after just two seasons at the helm and unless McClendon, or another African-American manager, finds a job before Opening Day 2016 MLB will be without one for the first time since 1987.

There are managerial openings in Miami, San Diego, Washington and Los Angeles so McClendon could latch on with one of those teams while former Astros manager Bo Porter has also interviewed with the Miami Marlins so it’s not likely that the season starts without a minority manager but it’s still possible. How do you fix this though?

There is already a rule in MLB that states that all teams must interview at least one minority candidate for a managerial vacancy, that doesn’t mean they will be hired though. How Manfred plans to expand the minority hiring’s, and not just African-American hiring’s mind you, remains to be seen but I just can’t see how it happens. Diversity and the opportunity is there in MLB and I firmly believe that in the year 2015, almost 2016, that racism is not a factor here much anymore so what is?

Can you force owners to hire minorities? Not likely, especially when it comes down to the Union vs. MLB. So what’s the answer? Unfortunately nobody has one and I don’t see how Rob Manfred could either.  Manfred already hired a company to provide support services for qualified candidates, specifically for minorities and women, to help them in the interview and preparations process so what more can he conceivably, and legally, do? The opportunities are there, however limited with just 30 MLB managers in the league, so I don’t know. Stay tuned. 


  1. The only racism in this country (not counting those that hate everything and everybody along with the KKK) is with the political left using every little thing to say how racist we on the right are and using it to ferment unrest and disrespect for the law of the land and keep the minority voting for them.
    How many of you fans and everyone else out there know who came to the rescue of the Civil Rights Bill? It was the Republican party voting almost in a majority to pass the bill.

    1. KENNETH....Yes, Anne & I, both know it was the Republicans who pushed it through.
      It is true, it is factual history *.....
      * Side bar: It was Al Gore's father, who was a Senator at that time, who fought at the forefront to stop that bill.

      It does no longer matter.......
      The democrats repeated the lie for so long, that it became a fact. A race of people believe it.

      There are multiple reasons, why in some parts of our country, 90% of blacks, vote
      Democratic. And they will again, and again. While they never move forward in life.

      Black lives matter ? The fourth NY Policeman this year was buried today. Shot in the head.
      Everyone of them, gunned down by those of the same race.

      Racial division, driven by this far left wing administration, is killing our country. A fact.

      This was a reply to a previous comment. Kenneth's words ring true.

      I'll talk about dead baseball players, and dumb trades, at another time.

  2. The best people will be hired for any and all jobs, except when an owner is trying to be PC and hires an undeserving person just because he or she is a minority!
    Just remember, a few years ago there were no minorities in baseball now, look at it!

    1. The best people should be hired in my opinion. There is a ton of money at stake here, MLB is a business and a very lucrative business.

    2. That is why I say; "Follow the Money" all the time. If run right and in a good market the owners can make a ton of money...Hal and family comes to mind!

    3. Has any of you ever notice how almost every time there is an opening in the higher administration the Yankees can't get the best people out there to take the job?
      At one time, the best people wouldn't work for King George because he was so demanding and sometimes irrational in his demands. Now, the case is all the micro management by Hal controlling the money no matter who the player we want or need happens to other words they can't do their job without being overruled most of the time.

    4. Which is exactly why the Blue Jays lost the, in my opinion, best GM in MLB. I've said that for years now, before we even had this blog.


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