Friday, October 2, 2015

Yankees Fans, Stop Embarrassing Yourselves

The New York Yankees fans, in my extremely biased but extremely humble opinion, are the greatest fans in the world… as long as the team is winning. When the team is not winning, even if they have won the 19 games in a row prior to the losing, the team is revolting. Especially lately. Fire Girardi. Fire Cashman. Trade this person, never let that person into the lineup. Magic Number is ONE and the team is going to miss the playoffs. The Wild Card is all of a sudden not even a playoff game anymore but when the Yankees were on the outside looking in for the 2013 and 2014 postseason chases it was a playoff series that some would have given their first born to see. Make up your mind Yankees fans because you’re embarrassing yourselves and you’re embarrassing the rest of the fan base.

The fans inside Yankee Stadium have been virtually non-existent. I realize the prices are astronomical, the threat of rain tends to keep people away and the fact that the team is struggling doesn’t inspire as many to go out to the ball park, fight the traffic in and out of the place and to spend 100 bucks, easy, on food, drinks and parking. I get it, what I don’t get is the fact that the crowd is so quiet. I don’t want to hear that the YES cameras aren’t picking up the cheers or the new stadium vs. the old stadium argument because those same cameras and those same fans in the new stadium were quite vocal and audible when they were booing a 40-year old DH who is leading the team in home runs earlier in the week.

The team knows they stink right now, booing doesn’t help. Sitting on your hands and not cheering doesn’t help. Not showing up doesn’t help. Support your team, we’re put on this Earth to build people up when they need it most not tear them down. WE are better than this Yankees family and we need to start acting like it, and I mean now.

Blue Jays fans are laughing at us right now. Mets fans are laughing at us. Orioles fans hate us. 

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