Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Hit: David Ortiz Likes the Yankees Chances in October

Stop the presses ladies and gentleman, The David Ortiz is speaking. No really though in an interview with Newsday, SEEN HERE, Ortiz commented on the Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays and the MLB postseason and had some nice things to say. Ortiz called the Blue Jays “the team to beat” in the American League while being quoted as saying the Yankees “have a lot of good things… enough to go far.” Ortiz said it so it must be true!

On a serious note Ortiz brought up a few points that are very much true, and he would know as he has had his fair share of time spent and at bats in the postseason. Ortiz was quoted as saying the Yankees have a great bullpen and a lineup capable of doing damage, and they do, and was quick to point out that anything can happen in the playoffs. Ortiz reminded the league that the Yankees have players that have been to the postseason and won World Series titles and players that can flip that internal switch come October, and he’s right again.

It’s sad that Ortiz can see the obvious but some of the Yankees fans have been screaming that the playoffs are over and that the team is going home for the winter before the Wild Card. Take a step back, breathe and let’s do this thing Yankees family. I know the team can, David Ortiz can see it and so should you. Confidence wins playoff games and championships, not boo’s.

This post was intended to be semi-sarcastic and not to be a knock on Ortiz whatsoever. Just an FYI. 

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