Sunday, November 29, 2015

Comparing the Yankees & Blue Jays Lineups As it Stands Today

The New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays are expected to go at it head-to-head all season long again in 2016. As it stands today these are still the top two teams in the American League East, hands down, in my opinion. The Red Sox got a new closer but a closer is useless if you don't have the offense and the pitching staff to get the lead after eight innings. The Orioles lost basically any and all recognizable names not named Adam Jones this offseason (yes I realize they got Matt Wieters back but he wasn't what you would call "great" in 2015) and the Rays are continuing to sell off pieces. The Blue Jays will pound the crap out of opposing pitchers once again in 2016 with much of their offense coming back next season, can the Yankees keep up?


Brian McCann/ Russell Martin

First Base:

Mark Teixeira/Chris Colabello

Second Base:

Robert Refsnyder/Ryan Goins


Didi Gregorius/Troy Tulowitzki

Third Base:

Chase Headley/Josh Donaldson

Left Field:

Brett Gardner/Ben Revere

Center Field: 

Jacoby Ellsbury/Kevin Pillar

Right Field:

Carlos Beltran/Jose Bautista

Designated Hitter:

Alex Rodriguez/Edwin Encarnacion

Bolded player wins.


  1. BOLDED PLAYER WINS ?...Daniel, too many cold ones the other day ?

    You have the Yankees wining 7 out of 10 spots ( inc DH ) on line-up cards vs. Toronto.
    Yet, Toronto threw the Yankees under the bus last season, and made it look easy.
    Do they have to win 10 of 10 spots, to master Toronto ?

  2. I have Toronto Burch at five wins not including first base because as we all know Tex will be injured sometime during the year so I kept that as a wash. I think you are off on quite a few there

  3. My response to your comments is coming, just in blog form. It's slow around here until these FA's start signing LOL.

    And patrick I may not be the one with too many cold ones running through my system because I clearly have Encarnacion over Alex Rodriguez at DH.

  4. I have it as six to three in Yankees favor...maybe five to four! We arn't sure how the 2nd base situation will turnout nor how well Didi will hit next year yet.

    1. The only one I could possibly be convinced to change my mind on is Pillar and Ellsbury. I feel confident about the rest and will tell you all tomorrow.


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