Friday, November 20, 2015

Tampa Bay Rays Claim Chase Whitley off Waivers

The New York Yankees attempted to sneak Chase Whitley through waivers before the Rule 5 Draft decision deadline and failed. Whitley, despite undergoing Tommy John surgery last season, was claimed and awarded to the Tampa Bay Rays thus ending his tenure in New York. Whitley is unlikely to pitch before July or August of 2016, if at all, so this is not an immediate loss for the Yankees but it may be one in the long term.

Either way good luck in Tampa Chase.


  1. FROM THE DEPTHS of DARKNESS.................The Phoenix is rising !
    Pinstripers.....My hard drive crashed, days back. After replacing a transmission, and paying
    school taxes...I didn't need this new cash out lay. What a month.
    The new PCU will be delivered Monday, and ' Air patrick ' will happen shortly thereafter.

    Sorry to have not been able to engage the pompous fat ass...Ken Hans.
    You call him names, or disagree, and he wants to beat you up. Especially if you
    are 78 years old. Moron.
    I'll send him a train ticket so he can start with me first. Turn the page.
    Will be back to normal by mid week.
    I read all of your words every day. Stay well boys.

  2. Sorry about your bad luck Patrick! Come back soon


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)