Monday, November 30, 2015

Yankees and Red Sox Two Worst Run Organizations in MLB?

I don't tend to read much about other teams, I'm a Yankees fan and they eat up a significant amount of my reading time and I prefer it that way, but for whatever reason when I saw an article on "Chowder Champions" I decided to give it a read. The title of the post intrigued me, it stated that the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox were the two worst run organizations in all of Major League Baseball. Here is my review of this post SEEN HERE.

The general gist of this article is comparing teams like Boston and New York to the teams that have won the World Series over the last six seasons and, of course, comparing their payrolls to the Yankees and Red Sox. Naturally the homegrown talent argument was made as well as the author of the article pointed out that these teams that won the World Series (Royals-2015, Giants- 2010, 2012, 2014, Red Sox-2013, and the Cardinals in 2011) relied heavily on prospects while New York and Boston traded all their away. What seems to be most important to the author here is who won the World Series MVP during those years and points out that all were homegrown but two, David Ortiz in 2013 who was a product of the Minnesota Twins system, David Freese in 2011 and Edgar Renteria when he won the award with San Francisco in 2010.

I'm not seeing a direct correlation here. Comparing the markets and how the organizations are run in Kansas City to New York and Boston is foolish. Comparing smaller and mid-level market teams to huge markets are foolish because of the demand of the fan base. The Yankees are not the Kansas City Royals and the fan base is not going to settle for 30 seasons of losing. New York and Boston are not the financial juggernauts by losing for 30 seasons. Also Boston and New York are not drafting first overall and at the top of the draft year in and year out thanks to 30 years of losing. Boston and New York are the "worst run" because they win, overall, year in and year out? Um, no?

Also the article states letting Robinson Cano was a huge mistake. Why? Because he was homegrown? Ignoring the fact that he was 31-years old and wanted a 10 year deal worth $240 million? Signing him to that deal, a similar deal the Yankees are often criticized for that Alex Rodriguez is finally finishing up, would make the team one of the worst run organizations in all of Major League Baseball.

This article mentions money and thinks its a direct correlation to winning. That's not the way Major League Baseball is anymore. MLB is now known for its parity and their young guns. Both the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are in the midst of rebuilds and re-tooling of the organization and the big league club. Also when you mention two badly run organizations due to payroll and subsequent World Series victories and fail to mention the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, both Chicago teams, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers you fail. Fail on many levels.

You had something here and you got me to read you work, probably your ultimate goal, so good work with that. You also cemented the fact that I won't be reading another any time soon. You're an obvious Yankees hater and that's okay if you make your case, you didn't.

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