Friday, November 6, 2015

YES Network: Exit Interview with Brett Gardner

Another night and another YES Network exit interview from our friend Lou DiPietro. DiPietro works for the YES Network and brought you THIS interview with Brett Gardner. See below for an excerpt from the article and click the link above, or HERE, to see the entire interview and to support DiPietro and the YES Network. DiPietro is a friend of the blog and we would appreciate your support for our very dear friend. Thank you and enjoy.

The New York Yankees' 2015 season ended at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, thanks to a 3-0 loss to the Houston Astros in the American League Wild Card Game.

Following the game, many Yankees players, coaches, and officials were in a reflective mood, beginning both the look back on this year and the look ahead to 2016 - so much so that the team was able to conduct a series of "exit interviews" on the subjects.

Here is the exit interview from Yankees All-Star outfielder Brett Gardner, after setting career highs in hits (148), walks (68) and RBI (66).

Q. How tough was this loss tonight?

GARDNER: It's tough. I really felt good coming in to the game with Masahiro [Tanaka] pitching and I felt good about our chances. Dallas [Keuchel] threw the ball really really well, and obviously we weren't able to get anything going off him. It's a tough way to end the season. I was happy with the season that we had, we overcame a lot of adversity. We definitely played better than people expected us to. I was happy about making the postseason obviously, but the way the season ended is a tough pill to swallow right now.

Q. Was there any point that you thought you could put something together offensively against Keuchel?

GARDNER: Even with two outs in the ninth inning I still think we're bringing a couple of guys on base and can make some magic happen. He just kept the ball down and kept the ball on the corners of the plate for the most part. It keeps guys off balance, and his fastball is not straight. You see it on TV and it doesn't look straight, then you get in the box and it's doing ten times more than what it looks like it was doing on TV. He's had a great year, he pitched great against us and it's just frustrating.


  1. YOENIS CESPEDES.....Initial Probe:

    It appears that I am not as smart, or baseball savvy, as those who post here. I may not be,
    but I ask questions, that often can not be addressed properly.

    Recently...Justin Heyward ...the Question.." Why is he worth a contract over $100 million ?"
    Nothing complicated. Perhaps too difficult to give a good response to ? Try these...
    " He is 26, can catch, bat second, played in big ball fields." Many players fit that description.
    At one time, even patrick.

    Again...he is lacking offensive fire power. Why does the team need him ?.....Silence.


    Now we have Yoenis Cespedes ...( Have any of you checked out his eye brows ? )
    He wants, as reported, in excess of $100 million. Why ? What is he bringing to the table ?
    The NL learned how to pitch to him. And, he crashed big time, in the NL post season.

    I'll try again. Here is his resume. Why is he worth a fortune ?

    2012-15 MLB career.
    2249 AB...609 H...124 2B...106 HR...367 RBI...271 BA.
    No, this is not Reggie Jackson. And, he will be 31 at seasons end. ( And, he has those eye brows.)

    Please do not respond that he is only 30, or he was abused as a child.

    1. Good Morning Patrick, the big and quick answer is (I think) that he has power from the right side...which is something we really could use.
      Myself, I am not that high on him, but we need someone like him to balance the line-up...lefties killed us last year!
      I would say bring up Judge, but I don't know if he is fast enough for left field and he has holes in his swing yet. At 6' 7" he will always have dark spots somewhere with his swing, then again, he may shorten his swing just a tad and use his hands more making it less of a problem. Right now the reports are he is having trouble with the breaking ball.
      Is there someone out there as an (outfielder) FA, you have in mind for the teams right handed power guy?

    2. Patrick

      We could throw out the sabermetrics stats and the fact that he is a 6+ WAR player but I didn't see a point, hence the silence

    3. Reed

      Ryan Raburn would be a nice addition as a Chris Young only guy

  2. YASIEL PUIG...Dodger my response to Kenneth.
    The best arm in baseball, right now at 24 years batting..294

    Difficult to deal with, contentious, and immature. And very talented. Under team control
    until 2019. And, I believe has $ 24 million remaining on that contract.
    He is the one I would target. Only available by trade.

    Call the Dodgers, see what it takes. Maybe it can't happen, maybe it can.
    Is he available ? Word is he is. The Dodgers want him out of there.

    "...More conflict has arisen out of the west coast, as there is not much certainty surrounding a certain player on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Despite a report from Jon Heyman of surfacing that the team had informed outfielder Yasiel Puig that they will not be trading him, the Dodgers have reached out to other teams, letting them know that he is available in a trade, but only in "the right deal," according to a report from...." ESPN Sports.

    Kenneth...You had asked about what I thought a few days ago.
    Sorry, work always comes first..Can you picture Puig in RF ?

    1. Puig has had his BA and all the other stats go down every year. It looks to me as though he has a hole in his game or he can't hit the breaking ball well.

      Yup, work comes first if one wants to live, go for it!
      If you get caught up, let me know I have about 1100 sq. ft +/- to scrape on my hands and knees.

    2. New York has a way of calming down players for the most part and making them grow up faster. See Jose Canseco, he didn't pull half the crap he did in his half season. Neither did Gary Sheffield or a slew of others. Granted they all had Derek Jeter keeping them in check though alongside Mo, Jorge, Andy and others.

    3. Reed,

      for whatever reason most Cubans at least struggle with breaking balls. Some learn to hit them marginally, some never do. Seems to be an obvious trend though.

  3. PISSING IN A NOR'EASTER...while trade winds start to swirl.
    I know nothing more than anyone here, but I love this time of year. Big time.

    I'll give you what the sports writers in the NYC area are putting up.
    I surveyed all I could find...from Long Island to NYC to New Jersey.
    ( New Jersey....wasn't that where the ' cry baby '...Hans-Hanzel came from ? What a
    disappointment. Big tough bag of wind, and then he runs away.)

    Back on point....
    All / most media have the top free agents going everywhere...except the Yankees.
    I'll give you a sampling, from my area....
    Jason Heyward....Cardinals...6yrs...$160 million.
    Johnny Cueto....Boston...5yrs...$122 million.
    Yoenis Cepedes....Texas...6yrs...$152 million.
    Justin Uptin....Giants...7yrs...$ 142 million.
    Yankee targets...Ben Zobrist, and Baltimore's LHP...Wei-Yin Chen ( not Irish )
    Followed by anyone's guess at mid level free agents.

    Pissing in a Nor'Easter can blow back on you.

    1. Chen is not what this team needs in my opinion. He's a good pitcher, we have three or four good pitchers. We need a great pitcher. Unless the team thinks that is Luis Severino, and I'd be hard pressed to disagree albeit in a small sample size.


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