Friday, November 6, 2015

CC Sabathia Realized His Battle w/ Alcoholism in 2012

CC Sabathia has completed his rehab stay for alcoholism and will now take the biggest, and the hardest, steps forward in his battle with the disease. He will try and manage the disease without the rehab, the counselors, etc. and will attempt to manage it by himself, at home with his wife and children and presumably out on the road with his teammates in 2016 and 2017. CC has been battling these demons for an undisclosed time but he first realized it back in 2012 according to recent reports, we post this not to shame CC or because every other blog and publication is. We post this as another excuse to give our undying support and prayers to CC, Amber and their young children.

Here are a few quotes from CC during his Good Morning American interview with Robin Roberts:

"I would go a couple, you know, two, three months at a time sober, and then I would just relapse, and, you know, go on these weekends when I thought nobody was paying attention, and I would get in a hotel room and drink out of the minibar, pretty much everything."

"That weekend I had started drinking and, you know, thought nobody was paying attention and, you know, was isolated by myself, staying in my room the whole weekend." (in reference to when he informed the Yankees and his teammates.

"That was one of the things I think I wanted to clear up," he said. "You don't ever drink before games or anything like that."

"I was just tired of hiding," he said. "I just felt such a relief that everybody knows now. ... I can start the healing process and take the steps forward to get myself better."

Alcoholism is a disease CC. You got this big man and you have the full support from our blog and many other blogs, readers and fans out there. You got this, remember that. Take all the time you need to heal yourself and just know that we’ll be here waiting on you when you get back with open arms. We’re family… the Yankees family. #StandWithCC.

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