Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Starlin Castro Picks a Jersey Number

And that jersey number is #14. I know this picture is a bit outdated, the picture of Castro in a Yankees uniform for the first time, but you have to understand. This is a hobby for me, it's a job for others. It's Christmas time. I have two children, two very spoiled children, which means lots of gifts to buy and wrap. I hope you accept my apology.

Anyway, Castro posted a picture of himself in a Yankees uniform and informed us all what number he would be wearing, #14.

What other Yankees have worn #14 in their history?

Robinson Cano wore it in 2005. Stephen Drew wore it last year. Curtis Granderson wore it for four years and made the All-Star Team in two of those years. Pat Kelly and Lou Piniella wore the uniform for years. Martin Prado had it in 2014, so did Brian Roberts. Bill Skowron had five trips to the All-Star Game booked wearing the number. Hideki Irabu wore it, so did Wilson Betemit, Miguel Cairo, Angel Berroa, Enrique Wilson and Bobby Cox finish out the list of notable players to wear the number.

Good thing there will be no pressure for Castro to live up to those expectations... right?

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