Sunday, January 24, 2016

CC Sabathia's Knee Degeneration And The Road To 300


  1. NICK MANISCALCO....Good evening.
    Let me throw these at you..........
    CC, and the road to 300 ? Over 15 years Sabathia has 214 wins. At the
    rate he's going 300 may take another 20 years. Or longer.
    Some how I don't think he makes it.

    Are you related in some way to Joesph Maniscalco...the electrician
    who won some money in the NY Lotto ?...years ago.

    From where I sit, the knee looks super.

    1. Good evening to you Patrick.
      I don't see CC getting a whiff of 300. I'm sure all parties would consider the season a raging success if he were able to contribute 150 innings.

      I do in fact have a brother Joseph, however he is not a Lotto winner. Maybe I'll have to look up this Lotto winning Maniscalco. :)

      Sorry, CC's knee is far from super.

    2. Darn, I thought I was working with someone who had money. I was about to look up our genealogy and make sure we weren't like 19th cousins or whatever.

    3. Sorry to disappoint you about the money but we are Yankee family!

  2. NICK MANISCALCO....Good evening.

    Magically,... make CC, Nova, Gardner, and Ellsbury go away....this team will rock.

    The Joseph Maniscalco I knew...A fine person, who could never figure
    life out. One day in the mid seventies, he, and his sister hit the
    NY Lotto...I remember $4-6 million. Big numbers back then.

    They bought a yacht, lived on it, and always stayed tied
    to the moorings. Never went to sea.
    My guess...Jesus has called them home by now.

    1. Patrick If this bullpen remains healthy and intact, this team may rock even with the players you mentioned.

      I hope that Maniscalco spent his money well.

      On the subject of Maniscalco.... Check out Sabastian Maniscalco for a good laugh.. (again no relation)

    2. Nick, Im going to see sabastian in May I believe. He's hilarious. another one I just saw was Bill Burr at MSG. so good I wanted to go again (but it was canceled because of the snow).

      And Patrick, Ill be at the polar bear plunge.

    3. Daryl, you are crazy...
      I knew Patrick was a nut, it is winter time and below my 60-degree tolerance. Like a grizzly bear, I hibernate below 60., let alone jump into the Freezing waters of the Atlantic.
      Good luck to both of you and stay well!

    4. Daryl and patrick plunging in the sea..... c-r-a-z-y crazy

    5. the man. I'm sure those Long Beach beauties will be
      lookin' to pile onto Daryl, as he jogs out of those cold, green waters.
      As for Daniel...." toes in the water, ass in the sand, a PBR
      on the is good toady"...for southern lake boys.

    6. They will be looking to pile onto him but I'm not sure he'll have much cooperation from his... friend.... after that plunge.

      And as you probably know I was born in the Bronx and lived in NY and NYC until I was 14 years old. I haven't been down here long enough to be considered a southern boy, I hope.

      Speaking of southern it's supposed to be 65 degrees here on the day you plunge in 10 degree water.... I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Thank you Nick, your update on CCs knee is very enlightening. We knew his knee was hurting his performance, now we know more about it. Looks to me like he should lose some weight to help take some of the pressure off that knee and maybe help the brace help him pitch better this year.
    Just another reason to try the 6 man rotation, I remember the big fight that was put up by many pitchers on going to the 5 man rotation. Looks about the same here, Pineda can work with pitching every six days without hurting his game if he starts the season and ST doing it.
    What say you?

    1. He had the issue when he lost the weight and it didn't seem to factor in. Maybe he is trying to put some meat around it to help soften the blow? I honestly don't know but losing weight I don't think will matter at this point. From everything I have read it's to far gone.

    2. Daniel, you may be right but, I think losing weight can't hurt...for years he has been overweight and done very well, so maybe the weight wouldn't hurt him. Just know that without a sound base, nothing works as well in hitting or pitching. He came on and pitched better after the new brace, which tells me he has a better base with the brace, now, take some weight off that knee and he may be even closer to his bygone years. Just a thought.

    3. Who knows if I'm right or not, not even the Yankees know that.

      I know the issue became an issue when CC was "skinny CC" and he pitched horribly. CC added weight after the fact, surely on the advice of a doctor I would hope, and pitched better (it was better even though it was still bad) with the weight.

      And yes the stats don't tell that story but that's why we watch the games. We all saw him stay in for a batter or 10 too long on a consistent basis. That's on Girardi although it shows in CC's pitching line. He's a 5th starter either way but still.

    4. Thanks Ken. Much appreciated.
      I have to agree with you, less weight would reduce stress on his knee. I know he hasn't pitched well in the past as skinny CC but I think that has more to do with rapid weight fluctuation and his altered proprioception.

  4. A YANKEE CLEARANCE SALE...garage sale, lawn sale...what ever.

    I'm so serious that I would even allow myself to be courteous towards
    Jersey Hans.

    Lets get this youth movement going now. Not 2-3 years from now.
    Old Ken may not know who he is at that point.
    Why wait for guys who may fall on their faces anyway ?
    Lets start the vetting process April 3rd. Add that fresh blood.

    Clearance out Gardner, Ellsbury, Sabathia, Nova, and some other spare part. Get what you can, eat salary ( you'll save money in the end )..and
    inject that youth that "all the other teams fawn over." Really think so ?

    If you think this team is going big time...your wrong.
    Gerardi knows it. Cashman knows it. Even Ackley knows it !
    Seriously...why wait ? The youth is blocked, and they will be two
    years older in 2017-18.

    1. I'm still hanging onto the coat tails of Ellsbury for whatever reason but other than that I agree. Add Beltran to the list as well as he's blocking Judge and maybe A Rod and/or Mark Teixiera as well.

    2. Well I don't think there is much that can be added except...(of course)
      Brett is gone, move Ells to left field and move Hicks (a switch hitter) into center, he is younger and a better fielder. Beltran gone replaced by Heathcott he is the best we have and ready for the league. Judge, he can struggle in AAA, and learn from the adversity...or fail big time but, given time he can adapt, and come up later moving Slade to the #4 outfielder.
      I still think we need right handed bats, why not have Castro at 3rd, Refsy at 2nd, Tex at 1st and Didi playing SS. The yips are hard to beat, even though Chase is a Switch hitter.
      The big problem will be a the catching and back-up.
      I think Cashman should keep Sanchez at AAA until they can trade Romine, he is draft eligible right.
      As you notice, I didn't include Bird in the above and for good reason. Tex WILL come down with injury at some time this year, I think bringing Bird up now is a two-way street. One way he can split time at first and DH along with Tex and A-Rod. Second way is having Tex play less time but, I don't like having Bird sit. He is still learning 1st base and could use more time to learn as can Judge with his not hitting breaking pitches and inside pitches.
      I had a scouting report written about Refsnyder and his work around 2nd base but, it was boring...even to me.

    3. I think the Yankees will do fine against left-handed starting pitching this year. They won't dominate them by any means but they should be much better.

      Castro is right-handed where Stephen Drew was left-handed, instant upgrade before even mentioning that Castro is a better all-around hitter anyway.

      Chris Young was a better all-around hitter than Hicks but the sky is the limit for Hicks, a switch hitter, where Young was probably going to decline before getting any better. Plus no way Young is worth $6.5 million in a part time role.

      Finally you have Gary Sanchez, an actual power threat that hits for a high average (for a catcher). Murphy was a line drive hitter but was never considered to be a 20 home run power threat or even a .280 hitter like Sanchez is or can be.

    4. Also, we could add Refsy to the list if Castro moves to 3rd base or they think Miguel Andujar can now hit the breaking ball or learn on the fly...leaving Refsy in AAA to fine tune his field work.
      I have no confidence in Chase recovering from the yips some have but many more haven't!
      I have had a few people that got the yips and never ever recovered, a bit more serious, but players get it and don't recover that much.


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