Tuesday, January 12, 2016

IBWAA Hall of Fame Vote, Edgar Martinez and the Yankees

Quick! Someone tell former Yankees closer Mariano Rivera that if he’s reading to look away, this isn’t going to be pretty. The Baseball Writers Association of America elected Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza into the Hall of Fame while the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, or the IBWAA which I am a lifetime member of, elected Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez. In year’s past the IBWAA elected Piazza leaving the gate open for Griffey’s teammate and former DH. We’ve checked in and seen just what Griffey Jr. and Piazza has done against the Yankees so now it would only be right to see the damage that Edgar did to the Yankees during his playing career, especially against the Yankees closer Rivera who he had an extraordinary amount of success against.

New York Yankees 138 594 95 158 44 22 103 6 88 86 .317 .423 .542 .965

By the way Edgar finished his career with a .579/.652/.1.053 triple slash against Mariano. As you can see Edgar was one of the few players to actually have the number of Mariano Rivera in his career. Some players went their entire careers without even making contact against the greatest closer of all-time and much of the contact that was made resulted in a new baseball bat but not Martinez. He owned the Yankees and he owned Rivera specifically. He’s now a Hall of Fame player for the IBWAA, will he ever make it in the BBWAA? Who knows?


  1. I have said it before. Baseball voted to have the DH in 1973. Because the National League has not accepted it is not the vault of the players. Edgar and big Papi to name a couple, did not grow up saying I wanna be a DH.
    If needed, they could have played the field.
    The game has evolved, the position has evolved. It is no longer a position for an Star player that can't field. (AROD excluded) but a position to enhance offense.
    It's time for the writers to come to the year 2016 ( now 2017) and vote players in like Martinez.

    1. Mark,

      Welcome to the blog and the comments section. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

      I agree with what you said. Some of these players and managers weren't even alive when Rom Bloomberg stepped up to the plate as the Yankees DH. I think that's what his name was anyway. Yet they are having it held against them. It's a double edge sword though because players like Gary Sheffield, with or without BALCO and the Mitchell report, would have their defense held against them as well.

  2. MARK DeVOE...welcome to the Greedy Pinstripes site. Enjoyed your
    first post.
    Make yourself comfortable, and please jump in at anytime.
    Try this one for starters....Will the Yankees trade Gardner before
    spring training ? If so, what would they target ?


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