Monday, February 8, 2016

TGP Prospects Month Open Thread featuring Yankees Hot Stove

Join the Yankees Hot Stove guys on the YES Network including Greedy Pinstripes follower (on Twitter) Michael Kay, Jack Curry and Bob Lorenz as they discuss how youth and the Yankees farm system will affect and help New York this season. Curry is a name in this industry I absolutely trust while Kay is someone I enjoy listening to. He may be a bit cocky on his radio show but he's smart as hell and I can overlook it most of the time. With that said, enjoy!


  1. Buenas Noches Mis Amigos....glad to be back.

    I recommend the Yankee Hot Stove Show to any of you that do not watch it.
    I saw that one that Daniel posted tonight, last December.

    You learn so much. Facts that you would not have known. Watch it !

    I'm ready for the start of 2016.
    The missing piece ? Another very good young starter. That's it.
    We have all written a million words this off season, on that subject.
    The Yankees have the chips to accomplish what they need.

    I sell trees, and plants. I do not read tea leaves.

    Long Beach Polar Bears went off well. They raised a lot of money for
    the Make-A Wish Foundation. Good folks.
    patrick ?...He had to work. Anne Marie was glad.

    1. You had to work or you didn't want Daryl to get a picture of you in your birthday suit to post here for all to see?

      Glad your back Patrick, stay well.

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