Saturday, March 12, 2016

Alex Rodriguez & the Idea of Being a Hitting Coach after Retirement

Across the career of one Alex Rodriguez everywhere he has gone and every stop he has made he has always garnered the attention of the room. Whether that be the fans, the women that surrounded him, his teammates or his coaches he always had all eyes on him. What Alex did with that attention rubbed many the wrong way in the past but it seems like Alex has turned a new life, maybe matured a little and turned his life around and now where he used to receive criticism he is receiving great praise all around. Alex has always been a student of the game and a virtual baseball genius so it seems like a no-brainer that he may want to get into coaching and/or managing one day when he decides to hang up his playing cleats, glove and bat.

Why wouldn’t he? Some of the greatest sluggers and hitters in the game are managers and coaches around the league. Mark McGwire is a coach in San Diego, Barry Bonds is a hitting coach with the Miami Marlins and Paul Molitor is a manager in Minnesota but it’s the strategy and the science behind the game that truly intrigues Rodriguez. A Rod’s coach and a former member of the New York Yankees as a player Joe Girardi has stated many times he could see Alex in a managerial job when he retires because he likes all the strategy and such that goes with the day-to-day process of playing the game and managing the team.

For what it’s worth Rodriguez was asked about a potential managerial job after he retires when he arrived at Yankees spring training camp and he was quoted as saying “I’ll be managing, but I’ll probably be managing my girls’ teams or volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, but I won’t be managing. You can quote me on that.” Well Alex, I just did. I don’t buy it though. Some players you can tell left it all out there on the field and won’t miss the game all that much every spring when it comes around, Derek Jeter for example, and others you can tell after a year or two they will miss it. Alex is a student and a prodigy of the game and he loves it, we don’t need teammate and coaches testimonies to tell us that, and I truly think he will miss it. I’ve been wrong before though. 

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