Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Puig Gets No Punishment

     I cannot believe that I am actually reporting this. But, Yasiel Puig  is not being punished at all by Major League Baseball for his alleged domestic violence incident, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. Weeks after the Chapman suspension was handed down, you had to figure that Puig  was going to get at least the same punishment, right? If you look at the documents on both cases, both men were not charged officially with any crime, shot their  registered guns in their personally owned homes,  and neither woman pursued any charges being filed.  And yet, MLB saw fit to give Chapman 30 games and Puig nada.

     So, why does Rob Manfred feel like there needs to be an example made of Chapman and not one for the Dodgers outfielder? I wish I had the answer, but sadly, I don't. It would be one thing if Chapman  had other off the field incidents that would challenge his strength of character. Or,  even if Chapman was just a "bad guy" and MLB wanted to make an example out of him. But, he doesn't and he isn't.

     Now, it is not just because I am a Yankees fan that I am enraged at the decision. I fully expected there to be some sort of disciplinary action handed down to Chapman because that was the  General consensus. But, also.  I expected a punishment to be handed down to all three men, Jose Reyes included. If anything, Reyes should be the poster child for Major League Baseball's anti-domestic violence movement. But, as he is still under investigation, MLB cannot act on his case until it is finished in the court system.

    Either way, complete GARBAGE!!!  Hate to say it, Rob, you got this one completely wrong.


  1. MY TWO CENTS...
    Firing a gun in a garage, will get you 30 games.
    Smashing your sisters face(Puig)in a bar, no gun....Get out of jail.
    Reyes. His wife will say she misspoke. No gun in garage...Get out of jail.
    ( Watch Reyes' wife plead amnesia, or Dominican Ju-Ju.)

    1. For what its worth there is a video supposedly that shows Puig not hitting his sister. We'll never know the whole truth though in either case.


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