Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quick Hit: Sabathia Teaches President Obama How to Pitch

The Tampa Bay Rays along with a few ambassadors from Major League Baseball and the United States are prepping for a historical trip to Havana, Cuba to take on the Cuban national team. This will mark the first time a MLB team has set foot on Cuban soil since the Baltimore Orioles did it in 1999. The Rays are heading down along with former Yankees Joe Torre and Derek Jeter but the man who may throw out the first pitch is none other than Barack Obama, the President of the United States. Obama, a southpaw, didn’t play much baseball growing up as a kid in Hawaii and Chicago but thankfully for him he got some advice from key MLB players including our very own CC Sabathia.

The Associated Press asked a collections of MVP’s and former Cy Young Award winning All-Stars to critique Obama’s last ceremonial first pitch and Sabathia had some advice for the President. “He looked good, I mean up until his windup and everything” said Sabathia. The Yankees lefty also went on to say “get the ball down in the zone.”

David Price also suggested a “free and easy” relaxed delivery to Obama and warned him “don’t bounce it.” Madison Bumgarner, the San Francisco Giants ace, suggested something easier said than done for some. “Just throw a strike.” My own suggestion to the President? Don’t pull a 50 Cent. 

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