Saturday, April 23, 2016

TGP Saturday Night Open Thread

Boy do I need an open thread tonight, I’m whooped. First and foremost watching the Yankees is just mentally draining lately and it is especially nerve wracking when you watch them play against a division rival like the Tampa Bay Rays. Then I had to weed eat two acres of grass today because it was getting long and my lawnmower did not want to start. After working on it for about an hour I gave up and weed eated (which is not a word I know but I’m tired and my mind doesn’t work right now) everything. I’m getting too old for that.

Also as you know I am an avid Walking Dead fan and I play their app Walking Dead Road to Survival. Well a couple weekend a month factions can go head-to-head in All Out War and that was this weekend. It’s basically 72 hours of taking strong points and killing characters. Well, maybe a little crap talking too but I’ll never tell. I’m beat so here is your open thread for the night. Be good because I’m going to bed soon.

Oh wait, I can’t. UFC 197 and Jon Jones is tonight. Crap. Well, have a good one anyway!


  1. Have you ever played the telltale walking dead game? If you're a fan of the show, you'll like it

    1. Of course. Season one with Lee, season two with Clementine and now the Michonne special. You actually get the Telltale characters in the Walking Dead Road to Survival. I have Molly and Mark. And a Lee. I'm trying for Chuck.

    2. I'll have to check it out. I did not know it that included the video games.

    3. It's such a great game. Get ready to kiss your social life goodbye :)

      You can join regions (in the options and support section) and I am on the bartow region.


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