Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

I kicked around the idea of even bothering to check in with Robert Refsnyder or not, I truly did. He may possibly be the Yankees top rated second base prospect, or even their third base prospect, but he also may never get a true shot in the Bronx due to questions and concerns with his defense. His bat is there and it’s ready but after being drafted as an outfielder and converted to the infield the transition has not gone as smoothly as New York, or presumably Refsnyder himself, has hoped.

Now we are all left wondering if Refsnyder will ever get a true shot at the Bronx or a shot at the Major Leagues with another ball club. Will he defense ever be good enough, or even adequate, for the MLB level and will his confidence ever recover from being handed the keys the kingdom only to see them snatched away as quick as they were taken away.

Sure I’m bias, I have called myself Refsnyder’s biggest fan next to his mother, but I truly believe the talent is there and I hate to see the talent wasted and the development reversed at a level that he has outgrown. I’m passionate, sue me. 


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