Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

The New York Yankees likely fall in the USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings will continue this week after the team struggled to put together a win for much of the week. New York did finish the week strong with a series win against the Tampa Bay Rays at home inside Yankee Stadium but overall it was another disappointing week in the land of the Yankees. The Chicago Cubs remained dominant while the Braves continued to struggle but there is sure to be a whole lot of change with the other 28 teams in between so let’s get caught back up.

The biggest rise of the week usually goes to the best team for the week and this week that distinction and those honors go to the Arizona Diamondbacks who rose nine spots to the #12 position. Theoretically for every rise there must be a fall, gravity says so and so does Newton’s law of motion if you use a rough translation, and the biggest fall of the week went to the San Francisco Giants. The Giants fell seven spots all the way to the #11 position. Ouch.

The New York Yankees fell four spots to the #21 position after a rough week and will look to turn that around this week against the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. Speaking of the Red Sox they finished the week #15 while the Toronto Blue Jays finished 10th. Baltimore continues to dominant the AL East Division right now despite offseason predictions that they would be in the cellar and they are doing well in the rankings as well coming in at #6 this week while the Tampa Bay Rays took a bit of a step back with a pair of losses to the Yankees finishing the week at #22.

The Top 5 teams in the league according to the rankings are the #1 Chicago Cubs, the Washington Nationals, the Kansas City Royals, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox. Meanwhile the five worst teams in the league according to the rankings are the #26 Cincinnati Reds, the Miami Marlins, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Minnesota Twins and the #30 Atlanta Braves.

Sample sizes ladies and gentleman. We can only use that excuse for so long. It’s almost May, then it will be June and then the league will be scrambling in July to improve or sell before the August 1st trade deadline. It goes in the blink of an eye some seasons but that’s usually only if you’re winning. We’re not right now, but we need to start. 

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