Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

Judgement time has finally come to The Greedy Pinstripes in the way of a weekly check in post with some of the Yankees top prospects. We’ve seen Nick Swisher’s stats along with those of James Kaprielian and Gary Sanchez but today the Judge has his say, his final verdict if you will. We all know the story of Aaron Judge and his rise through the Yankees farm system. He’s destroyed every minor league affiliate and stop he’s made until he seemingly hit a wall, or had a mystery back injury that still no one to this day wants to talk about, in Triple-A with the RailRiders. Judge struggled and didn’t get his call up to the Major Leagues in September. Rather than let that get him down he used that as motivation this spring and had a great spring in a small sample size. Now Judge is back with the RailRiders for his second season with his eyes back on the prize, the Bronx.

Here are the Judge’s stats as they stand this morning: 

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