Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chapman Feels Latino Players are “Easy Targets” in Domestic Violence Cases…. RANT!

Yes I realize this “news” is a couple days late by now but the more I read this and the more I thought about it the more it just made me angry. Aroldis Chapman returned to Major League Baseball on Monday after serving a 30 game suspension brought down by Commissioner Rob Manfred using the league’s new Domestic Violence Policy. Now we ranted and raved all winter long about insufficient evidence, making an example out of people and trying to save face so I’ll save you those arguments here and instead focus on an exact quote from Chapman himself suggesting that Latino players are “easy targets” in domestic violence cases. What?

Four players were under league investigation and faced a possible suspension this winter after being part of some sort of domestic violence accusation or incident and yes all four were Latino born players. Aroldis Chapman, then of the Cincinnati Reds, was one and the other three were Jose Reyes, Yasiel Puig and the Braves Hector Olivera but I struggle to see what being Latino has to do with anything here. Are they easy targets because they are Latino or are they targets because they are dumb asses, my opinion, who made themselves targets when they hit their wives, shoved their sisters and/or a bouncer or shot a registered firearm in an unattached garage that he legally owned?

Chapman went on to say “we make a lot of money, everyone wants a piece of it, and we end up looking bad.” Interesting because if you look at the top paid salaries in MLB right now, regardless of race, they aren’t going to court over domestic violence accusations. Alex Rodriguez isn’t beating women. Miguel Cabrera isn’t shooting guns into his garage. Neither is Giancarlo Stanton, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez or any of the other top paid players in the game. Weird, huh?


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