Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Call for Ryan Braun I’ve Only Been Making for Three Years Now

The New York Yankees, up until about a week ago anyway, were offensively deficient and up until about three or four years ago the Milwaukee Brewers were good. Now the Brewers are terrible and in the midst of a rebuilding phase while the Yankees still have a huge check book and a gaping hole in the middle of their offense. In years past I have made the comment and written the blog posts that the Yankees should bring a talent and a personality like Ryan Braun to the Bronx and every year it was largely dismissed. The steroid issues, the injury issues and the declining numbers never helped my cause much but Braun is seemingly clean, healthy and back to being effective in 2016 and now Ken Rosenthal floated this original idea on his site. He suggested that the Yankees buy low on Braun eating his contract and giving up lesser prospects. Hmmmm. 

I’ve been saying this since October 8, 2013: And again I said it on December 6, 2013: And I’ve said the same exact thing many, MANY times since. But when Ken Rosenthal says it now everyone is on board. How frustrating. 

But let’s say I agree with Rosenthal and his original idea of trading for Braun, does it still make sense? Sure it does in my opinion. With a soon-to-be 41-year old DH the thought of having five outfielders doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Alex can DH or have the night off while Beltran DH’s giving Braun and Aaron Hicks ample playing time. The playing time and the rotation is not something I’m worried about. Joe Girardi does a great job rotating players in and out and injuries can and most certainly will happen here in the Bronx. What I’m worried about is the money and how having him and Alex Rodriguez on the same team would be. 

Not to quote myself again but HERE we discussed Braun’s name being leaked to the league by Rodriguez. Sure it was however many years ago but look at David Ortiz, people can hold grudges, and you have to wonder if that will mess with the team chemistry. Also you have to wonder if Hal Steinbrenner would be willing to take on the six years and $111 million he’s owed including his $15 million mutual option in his final year. My gut tells me no but that amount of money and baggage also tells me that the likes of Gary Sanchez, James Kaprielian and Domingo Acevedo may be safe from being included in the trade. 

Notice I didn’t say Jorge Mateo though. If the Yankees can pull off a trade for a power threat and big name like Ryan Braun and include a top prospect who is being pulled from games for lack of hustle and who is being caught stealing almost as often as he’s stealing bases while just in A-Ball I don’t see how you can say no at this point. The trade, like I said in my original articles stated above and I will say it again today, is unlikely and unrealistic but if it would happen that would incredibly change the dynamic of this Yankees team and this Yankees offense for the better. 


  1. Daniel, what happened to the comment list on the left?

  2. I think we would make a mistake in trading Mateo for not hustling if that is your reason!
    Trading him because of a need is a very good reason to make it happen!
    But no way do we trade "Ace" Acevedo, we are in need of good starters and also a closer in the near future. I also am not in favor of Kapy involved in a trade but again...we need a power bat and have a plethora of BP pitchers.
    Basically, if we can get him without giving up Acevedo, I would go for it...maybe they would take some of the Money owed Braun but I doubt it very much.

    1. I don't necessarily want to trade Mateo but some deals just make sense. Especially for a guy still in A-Ball

    2. Daniel...
      I agree with you but, not for the reason of him being in "A" ball. We do have a guy that will be able to do the job now and one more coming up behind him. I love the talent of Mateo, he is a good 2nd baseman or SS, and one of the fastest guys around...which is something I like and the Yankees need. But getting a big bat for a few years is worth it.

    3. Gardner is a quick guy but like Mateo if he can't steal bases then what's the point

    4. One can be taught how to steal bases, speed can't be taught. Besides, turning a single into a double etc. is something we can use every day. I would trade him in a minute for the right deal as we have 2nd and 3rd and SS covered right now and the foreseeable future.


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