Friday, December 6, 2013

Calling Ryan Braun, Train Is Making A Stop In Milwaukee

The forgiveness train that is, it is making a stop in Milwaukee to visit the Brewers and to forgive Biogenesis suspended Ryan Braun. I know Braun is not a Yankee and this is not Yankee related, and last I checked this is still a Yankees site, but this is much bigger than team lies and loyalties. This comes down to getting ahead of the curve when it comes to forgiving steroid users. People may call me crazy now but there once was a time it was thought to be outrageous for a black baseball player to play. There once was a time where it was crazy to think players should become a free agent after so many seasons. There once was a time where Babe Ruth was the single season home run king no matter what Roger Maris did. There was once a time in baseball where the World Series was cancelled and a great Yankees team never got to see their true potential thanks to a greedy Bud Selig who wanted a salary cap and was willing to shut it all down to get it in 1994. The point I am getting at is one day MLB Network, ESPN, your favorite blogs, the Hall of Fame voters, and your favorite people on Twitter will say that it's okay to forgive these guys and I want to be able to tell you I told you so.

Ryan Braun screwed up, whether it be once or twice I don't think we will ever know the truth, he admitted it, he took his suspension, he apologized to the fans, and wants to get back out there to prove it rather then say it. If he can't prove it in Milwaukee because they want to cut ties with him then fine, ship him to New York and let him prove it here. The Yankees already have Brett Gardner in left field, Jacoby Ellsbury is centerfield, and Alfonso Soriano in right field. We could easily, and benefit from, make Soriano a "full time" DH and insert Braun right into right field. Braun adds the right handed pop we are still lacking, improves our offense and defense, and would not cost as much as a guy who hits .300 and 30 home runs annually I wouldn't think. The St. Louis Cardinals put the game, the business, and winning ahead of past mistakes, ask Jhonny Peralta, so why can't we? The Cardinals are the model organization right now so any way we can be like them is a good thing in my eyes.

So I ask again, and I know I ask a lot and I know I ask often, but repeat after me:

"My name is ________, I love the New York Yankees, I want to win a World Series, Ryan Braun if available helps us win a World Series, I forgive Ryan Braun." Thank you.


  1. Daniel...I'll be the 2nd to welcome him to the Yankees, if we could get him!

    "My name is Ken Reed, I love the New York Yankees, I want to win a World Series, Ryan Braun if available helps us win a World Series, he is more than welcome!"

    That would be a good catch, wouldn't it?

  2. I don't mind Braun, but outfielders are not what the Yankees need right now. Right now, they need infielders and pitchers. Cano's loss hurts, but him staying simply isn't needed. The Yanks offense sucked last year, so his presence was necessary. But now that they have Jeter back, Ellsbury in the outfield, Tex back, and McCain catching, he can leave. So yea, don't get Braun. Just start Ellsbury, Gardner, and Ichiro in 2014

    1. Where is our right handed power coming from? We saw how we got exposed last season because of that. Plus the talent really outweighs the cost.


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