Saturday, May 14, 2016

How Long Before Cashman Signs John Danks?

The Chicago White Sox are in town so it feels only fitting and right that we talk about the possible, and maybe probably, acquisition of a former Chicago White Sox. The New York Yankees were known throughout the 90’s to “always get their man” but in some instances the Yankees didn’t get their man until they were long past their primes. A good and recent example of this is Carlos Beltran who was long sought after by the Yankees, and the feeling was mutual according to reports, but it never came to fruition until Robinson Cano left for Seattle. Another man the Yankees and specifically Brian Cashman have always had interest in is about to hit the free agency market if he hasn’t already by the time this post goes live and it begs the question: How long before Yankees GM Brian Cashman signs the recently DFA’d pitcher John Danks?

The Yankees love their reclamation projects and their minor league deals and you have to wonder if Cashman will offer the southpaw one. The White Sox designated Danks for assignment on May 3rd eating the $15.75 million remaining on his contract for 2016. Danks made four starts and pitched a whopping 22.1 innings this season allowing 18 earned runs on 28 hits with 11 walks and 16 K’s.

Danks has had shoulder surgery as recently as 2012 and has never fully recovered from it as he has seen his velocity and effectiveness both take dips. Danks has been seen recently struggling to throw in the upper 80’s with his fastball and is a far cry from his prime years before the shoulder surgery. Now he can be had for a minor league deal and the Yankees love stashing pitching depth at Triple-A. Is he a “yes” or is he a “no?”

If you’re asking me I would give a definitive “no” but if you ask Cashman there is always that possibility unfortunately. I have to wonder if he’s being fitted for a Scranton uniform as we speak. 

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