Monday, May 2, 2016

Tim Lincecum Showcase Finally Happens Friday

For much of the winter we here in Yankee-Land salivated over the idea of adding some of the top tier free agents that hit the free agent market. When the top tiered players came off many of us salivated over much of the second tiered players until they all came off the board as well. What we were left with were minor league deals and reclamation projects, none more noteworthy than Tim Lincecum formerly of the San Francisco Giants. Lincecum was coming off of hip surgery and many times this winter it was teased that Lincecum would throw and showcase for teams as he looked to sign a deal before Opening Day. January came, February came as did March and April but we are happy to report that the Tim Lincecum showcase is finally scheduled and it’s scheduled for this Friday, May 6th.

Lincecum will throw Friday in Arizona although a time and place has not been announced to the public thus far. The San Francisco Giants will be there along with anywhere from 15-25 teams but you have to wonder if one of those teams will be the New York Yankees. Lincecum is somehow still just 31-years old and is coming off a season where he missed half the year due to degenerative hips. Those hips were operated on in September of last year although with the pain and discomfort Lincecum still managed to pitch to a 7-4 record with a 4.13 ERA in 15 starts.

This is almost a must sign for the Yankees if he looks ready and healthy. If they manage to turn things around they can have a proven arm not only for the rotation but for the bullpen as well and a right arm that has seen his fair share of playoff and World Series games. If the team does not manage to turn things around they have a trade chip that could help speed along the rebuilding phase currently going down in the Bronx. It’s truly a win-win situation for any team that signs him as it’s just money, and a pro-rated salary at that, so here’ to hoping that Brian Cashman makes the trip this Friday. If not, well I can’t say I’ll be surprised anymore. 


  1. I have a better chance of Reed agreeing with me then the Yanks signing him.

    1. That may very well be true Hans, I am hoping to see what he has left in the tank. If he is still about as good, sign the guy HAL!


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