Monday, May 2, 2016

The Aroldis Chapman Countdown Has Officially Begun Yankees Open Thread

The countdown has officially begun for the return of the Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman. Chapman was suspended for 30 games after agreeing to not appeal any suspension levied under the new domestic violence policy in Major League Baseball. I'll save you the trouble of getting out your pocket schedules or looking it up on Google, the Yankees 31st game comes on May 9th against the Kansas City Royals, meaning we are one week away from Chapman's 103 MPH fastball debuting in Yankees pinstripes.

So with yet another off day tonight I leave you with some Aroldis Chapman highlight reels to salivate over rather than our normal musical recommendation. Enjoy and anticipate Dellin Betances becoming the best 7th inning man in the history of baseball, Andrew Miller pitching in the 8th and Aroldis Chapman nailing down the final three outs of every game.

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