Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekly Check In: Jorge Mateo

Jorge Mateo stole over 80 bases last season and for a while chased down Billy Hamilton’s minor league baseball single-season stolen base record. Mateo was good last year but this year many are calling his 2016 campaign his breakout season. That shows you just how good Mateo has been this season and just how untouchable he should be as a prospect.

Now I know I have suggested trading him in a deal that makes sense in the past, and I still stand behind that statement, but I reiterate that only if the deal makes sense. You almost always trade away an A-Ball player for an established veteran on the right side of 30-years old unless they are coming up on a free agent season. There are other exceptions but I don’t feel the need to lay them all out here, the people reading this are in my opinion the smartest fans in the world because you’re Yankees fans.

Mateo is having a big season and he may be in Double-A Trenton before we all know it. Stay tuned. 


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