Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Gary Sanchez

Another week down and another week down on the farm for Gary Sanchez. The bat is MLB ready and the defense and running game prevention is getting better day in and day out. Sanchez is suffering from the roster crunch and blocks from the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann. Both McCann and Rodriguez are under contract for a couple more years while Beltran has a few more months inside the Yankees pinstripes before hitting free agency. Can Sanchez wait that long and will the Yankees make him wait that long?

Injuries happen and father time catches up to us all so I am in no way advocating that the Yankees will or should even consider trading Sanchez, but you know they are. See Jesus Montero, John Ryan Murphy and others as recent examples of this. The Yankees catching depth is not nearly as deep as it once was and Sanchez is at the top of that list so I feel that he’s safe… but it’s the Yankees we’re talking about and no one is truly safe.

So Sanchez continues to improve in the minor leagues and presumably chomps at the bit waiting on another call up to the Bronx. I hope it’s soon. Stay tuned. 


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