Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gary Sanchez Has Crack In His Thumb

Earlier today Brian Cashman confirmed that Gary Sanchez does indeed have a crack in his thumb, which occurred after being hit by a foul tip in last night's game.

It sounds like this injury is not bad enough that it will cause Sanchez to miss a large chunk of time. However, fans that think it'll only be a few days are probably being way too optimistic. I can see him going on the disabled list before the day is up, but make a return before too long.

As for him being promoted to the big leagues, I think that will happen not long after he returns. After all, it's not like Gary was struggling, as he's hit .290/.333/.529 for Scranton so far this year, and according to various reports has made strides on defense.

Meanwhile, Austin Romine has done a fine job backing up Brian McCann, hitting .273/.304/.386 in 47 plate appearances for the Yankees. Something that makes me believe Austin's name will come up in trade discussions here soon.

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