Sunday, June 26, 2016

Greedy Pinstripes Weekend Finale Open Thread

The weekend is over and so is the content here on the blog for the weekend. Monday morning looms and I have a ton to get done before it comes so tonight I leave you with an open thread for the evening and for the weekend. Talk about whatever you'd like. What show comes on tonight that has caught your attention? I could always use more to watch. What new music is out? I'm so far out of the loop with it. Leave it below in the comments.

Hope you had a great weekend Yankees family. Here's to another great week next week.


  1. Evoladi put his butt in the pen....Just maybe we would finally have four relievers able to get close to 100mph. It's time!!!!!!

    1. That's an interesting idea Donnie. I'm not sure how I feel about it but it definitely got me thinking. Thank you for that and welcome to the site!

    2. Eovaldi isn't going to the pen, if Nova hasn't been cut yet which shows they have no one down on the farm then why would they put Eovaldi in the pen? You guys keep dreaming about the play in game being 2 1/2 out when this team can't stay above 500 for long. So Randy Levine another Hal buffoon says we aren't going to be sellers we are going to be buyers. Well Randy who are you trading on the farm to get you over the top? Pitching was needed this past off season put we traded away an arm that was good for us. Yes I know he is in triple A right now, but you never have enough arms especially with this staff coming off of injuries the year before.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)