Monday, June 20, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Dalton Blaser

The New York Yankees have had a great ability to sign their Top 10 draft picks to date from this season. Obviously we all by now that the Yankees went very college heavy in this draft and in last year's draft due to the fact that the team needed slot money and prospects that would reach the Major Leagues sooner rather than later and today's prospect showcase also fits the mold. Dalton Blaser was a first baseman out of Cal State Fullerton and is now a proud member of the New York Yankees organization, let's meet him.

This is Meet a Prospect: The Dalton Blaser Edition. Blaser was drafted out of Cal State Fullerton with the Yankees eight round pick, 248th overall. Blaser was a 22-year old senior in college and for that reason was not ranked in Baseball America's Top 500 Prospects draft list. This is not meant to be down on Blaser though as he has some talent. This is not the first time Blaser was drafted, the Oakland Athletics saw something in him back in 2012 when they drafted him in the 39th round, and he is now hoping that the decision to head to college was a good one.

Blaser spent his first two years of college at Sierra College in Rocklin, California before transferring to Cal State Fullerton for the 2015 and 2016 season. In 2016 Blaser hit .359/.439/.485 while walking 30 times and only striking out 18 times. Blaser has shown a great batting eye and patience at the plate although he lacks in the power department despite his 6'1" and 195 pounds frame.

Blaser's father, Mark Blaser, was also drafted by the Yankees in the fourth round of 1981 and spent five seasons in the system playing first base, third base and the outfield. Now Dalton Blaser will look to not only follow in his father's footsteps but will also look to follow in his favorite player's footsteps, Derek Jeter. Welcome to the organization Dalton and welcome to the family I have a feeling you're going to do well here.

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