Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Tim Lynch Edition

The New York Yankees, at the time of this writing anyway, had signed eight of their first ten rounds picks with only their top pick, Blake Rutherford, and their 3rd round pick, Nolan Martinez, yet to sign. It’s not uncommon for top picks to wait a while before deciding to sign and it’s even more common for High School players like Rutherford and Martinez to take their time before deciding to sign or not but when you draft a college player like Tim Lynch you expect them to sign rather quickly. The Yankees, and Lynch, did just that when the Florida product and first baseman signed for well below his slow value to begin his professional career. Let’s meet him.

This is Meet a Prospect: The Tim Lynch Edition. Lynch was a first baseman at Southern Mississippi at the time of his drafting and Baseball American had him ranked as the 22nd best player in the state of Mississippi at the time of the 2016 draft. Lynch stands at 6’2” and hits left-handed which both fit the prototypical mold for a first baseman in the Major Leagues. Lynch’s big frame and left-handed swing are considered to both be disciplined with good power and solid contact making him a viable option in the future to stick at first base in the majors.

In 2016 Lynch hit .365/.470/.545 with ten home runs and 59 RBI during his senior season while striking out only 13 times to his 39 walks he drew all year long. For these reasons the Baseball Draft Report had Lynch ranked as the fifth best hitter in Conference USA in the draft. Lynch isn’t likely to play anywhere else because of his size but his bat can carry him at a position where the Yankees are seemingly very thin at the moment in the minor leagues. His bat may carry him all the way to the Major Leagues and very quickly if he plays his cards right.

We’re rooting for you Tim. Welcome to the organization and welcome to the family. 

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