Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fantasy Baseball: Summer Prospect Call Ups

So you want to win your Fantasy Baseball league but you’re struggling right now? Have no fear, the season is still young and there is plenty of young talent toiling in the minor leagues just chomping at the bit to get called up to the majors. If the trade waiver or free agent waiver have yet to bear any fruit for you this season then maybe you should watch these teams transactions pages and lookout for these players that are likely coming up to the Major Leagues this season. All of them could have huge impacts on their teams, the playoff races and your fantasy teams. 

We’ve already seen the Cubs kick off the summer prospect call up frenzy with the call up of Willson Contreras so if he’s still sitting out there on your free agent market then he may be worth the look. It’s unlikely though that the Cubs #2 prospect is still on the board as a catcher and for good reason. He’s an intriguing prospect that can field his position as well as knock the cover off the ball as we saw in his first game Sunday night against A.J. Schugel. If he’s there snatch him up, especially at his position and especially if you’re in a keeper league. 

Speaking of the Cubs they have another guy who is likely to come up this season and stay up in Albert Almora. When Jorge Soler went down with an injury Almora was the first to be called up and the sixth overall pick in 2012 and the Cubs sixth best prospect according to Baseball America may hit enough to force Soler to the Yankees or another team in a trade this summer. Almora is just 22-years old but to watch him play you would think he’s been in the show for 22 years. Snatch him up if you have an extra outfield slot on your team. 

Another position that is traditionally thin in fantasy baseball but has a pair of players that are slated to make big impacts and last impacts in the bigs is the shortstop position. The Chicago White Sox have already designated Jimmy Rollins for assignment to begin the Tim Anderson era while many in Washington are wondering when the Trea Turner era will begin for the Nationals. Both are big stars and impactful stars not only to their teams but could be to your playoff push in fantasy baseball as well.  

That’s enough with the position players, what if you need pitching? Well Jameson Taillon is likely already off your boards after the Pittsburgh Pirates called him up but he may stick around even after Gerrit Cole returns off the disabled list. Francisco Liriano, Jeff Locke, Juan Nicasio and Ryan Vogelson are all struggling or injured leaving Taillon the opportunity to snatch a starting rotation spot for the remainder of the season.

So there you have it. Some impact names that can help you this season and beyond if you’re in a keeper league. Grab them now though if you have a slot you can play around with because they won’t be there for long once everyone else catches on. Hope this helps. 

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