Monday, June 27, 2016

Mets Fans Logic: Signing Jose Reyes is Okay, Acquiring Aroldis Chapman is Not

Excuse me as I rant a little bit this Monday morning because the amount of hypocrisy going on right now is simply too amazing to ignore. Remember back this winter when the New York Yankees traded for Aroldis Chapman after the Cincinnati Reds closer was accused of domestic violence and potentially faced a suspension from MLB's domestic violence policy? More importantly do you remember the outrage not only from the Yankees fans but the outrage from the local and national media and sports outlets? I read somewhere that the Yankees even "sold their souls" to acquire Chapman yet I haven't heard a word out of anyone after the New York Mets signed another player with domestic violence issues, Jose Reyes.

Where are the fans proclaiming to never watch a game again or buy another jersey or head to the ball park ever again? Where are the media outlets jumping all over the Mets for changing their character and selling their souls to acquire a player with talent but a colorful past?

Let's recap what happened with both players this offseason. Chapman was accused of hitting his girlfriend and firing a registered gun in an unattached garage in his registered home that he owns. Despite recantations and possible evidence and testimonies that Chapman may have been the one assaulted and not his girlfriend the league strong-armed him and held his impending free agency over his head to get him to agree to a 30 game suspension without pay. Reyes on the other hand was heard arguing with his wife in a hotel in Hawaii and the argument turned physical. Medics even treated his wife on the scene in Hawaii for injuries. Later on the wife denied any recollection of the incident and Reyes received a 51 game suspension.

So Chapman can be assaulted, allegedly, and fire a gun in an unattached (that means it was not attached to the house before anyone brings up the fact that a child was in the house) out of anger and frustration and you have to sell you soul to sign him but the Mets can sign a guy who choked and shoved his wife into a glass sliding glass door and people are actually excited about his return?

I'm done. I just don't get this, I don't get this league and I don't get this world. What's good for one should be good for the other. Whatever Mets fans, enjoy your Angel while we enjoy the Devil with the 105 MPH fastball and remorse. What a joke.

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