Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Book Review of Mike DeLucia’s “Boycott the Yankees”

About a month ago or so I received an email and a comment on the blog from a Mike DeLucia asking if we would like to read a book that he had written titled “Boycott the Yankees.” For obvious reasons I was a little reluctant at first but as an avid reader and someone who is constantly searching for new types of literature to expose myself to I accepted. I received the book maybe two weeks ago and for two weeks it sat on my desk at home unopened and untouched. I decided to pick up the book on Tuesday and by 8:00 am Wednesday morning I had read the entire thing. Now for some that may not be much of an accomplishment but between my job, my two children who I adore, my wife, this blog and a little thing called “me time” it usually takes me a good week or more to read a book. That should tell you how absolutely hooked I was once I started reading.  

The basic premise of the book is the idea to boycott the Yankees and it’s something I have found myself saying since the end of the 2012 season. Hit the Yankees where it hurts, in the wallet. This is no longer OUR stadium and this is no longer OUR team. The team has forced Bald Vinny into the workforce and out of the stadium, the Bleacher Creatures back from the field and the real fans out of the building entirely. In its place are men in suits and like I like to say on twitter, suits don’t cheer. Mr. DeLucia has a plan to send a message to the Yankees and maybe take back what is rightfully ours, the New York taxpayer did foot the bill for the stadium and the Yankees fans everywhere pay the salaries for the players and the employees and not the Steinbrenner family direct, the New York Yankees.  

The book was not all doom and gloom though. Much of the book touched on key aspects and players from the team’s history and DeLucia’s personal time being a fan. DeLucia did not think we could get behind his ideas without knowing who we were following for lack of a better word and in the book he shared his personal opinions on everything from George Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Shane Spencer, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, David Ortiz, Yankee Stadium in general and Fenway Park, Johnny Damon and a slew of other topics. 

The book can be an eye-opener for some if you don’t know or don’t truly care about what is truly going on and the book can be a call to arms if you have been. Like I said I’ve been saying much of what Mr. DeLucia said in this book since the 2012 season and this has reinvigorated me and reenergized me because what he says in this book makes a whole lot of sense. The Yankees don’t like sense, they like money, and it’s time we give them more of one and less of the other. That’s the only way to get OUR stadium back and OUR team back. 

This book comes highly recommended by me and just as an FYI I receive nothing if you buy it. This is not a paid advertisement or anything like that but just a genuine opinion on a great piece of literature. If you want to join Mr. DeLucia and other visit on the web, give him a follow on Twitter @DeLuciaBoycott or shoot him an email at Purchase the book, it is well worth the read and well worth the money. Enjoy Yankees family!

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