Saturday, June 25, 2016

Teixeira is Back but Who Should have Went Down?

The New York Yankees had another set of tough decisions coming down the pipeline as Mark Teixeira finished his rehab assignment down in Scranton with the RailRiders. The Yankees were faced with making a 25 man roster move and that move, looking at the current makeup of the roster, was not going to be an easy one to make. The choices for demotion were Robert Refsnyder, Ike Davis and Ronald Torreyes so who was it you ask? I have my suggestion but you know what they say about opinions… everyone has one and they are usually wrong? Close enough. But as you can see in this post my opinion was wrong because it was Ike Davis who got dropped from the roster to make room for Teixeira.

Ike Davis is a first baseman only and was only signed to a MLB deal because of the fact that the Yankees had lost everything that wasn’t already tied down at the position. He was signed when Teixeira went down so if Teixeira is back shouldn’t Davis go down or get cut? Well no. Do we know Teixeira isn’t going to tear his knee even worse on the first play he has to reach for and end his season prematurely leaving the Yankees back at square one? We sure don’t and it doesn’t hurt to keep him around a little bit longer just to make sure.  Davis does not have a minor league option remaining just as an FYI.

Torreyes lends his value on the left side of the infield playing third base and giving Didi Gregorius and Chase Headley occasional days off. It also doesn’t hurt that he has been somewhat able to hold his own with the bat this season making this an obvious keep for now in my eyes. The biggest thing with Torreyes it that he just doesn’t seem to play anymore. He has five at bats this month and only one hit. If you don’t use him you lose him? The Yankees should. Torreyes has a minor league option left, use it.

Anything I say about Refsnyder can be taken as me being bias because, frankly, I am bias. He’s my favorite prospect and I’ve said it many times that I am his biggest fan that doesn’t have the last name Refsnyder or who isn’t friends or related to Rob. Refsnyder has been the best of the three and adds value at first base in a platoon, right field and second base. Starlin Castro can play third base if Headley needs a day off and Refsnyder can be plugged in at second base. It works. Refsnyder has a minor league option remaining and his has been used for 2016 already but why? Because he earned the spot? Come on Girardi and Cashman, do the right thing.

So keep Refsnyder and Davis until at least the All-Star break to make sure that Teixeira is healthy. You can always call up Torreyes in the case of an injury before the 10 days is up anyway. This is what should have happened in my opinionbut in true Yankees fashion it didn’t. What a surprise. Rant over. 

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