Friday, June 3, 2016

The Case For and Against Trading Carlos Beltran

To date the New York Yankees 2016 season has been one step forward and two steps back. Every time the team gets on a roll against a string of good teams they seemingly lay down against the teams they should beat on paper and now find themselves in a hole that may be too insurmountable to climb out of. The hard decisions will need to be made soon as the August 1st trade deadline approaches and many executives in the Yankees front office need to start deciding on who should stay and who should go. One of those members of the team that the organization will have to make a decision on is Carlos Beltran so let’s look at the pros and cons of trading the veteran right fielder and future Hall of Fame player.

The case for a trade:
The Yankees aren’t going anywhere in 2016 and this adds prospects and/or Major League ready talent to the organization while paving the way for more playing time for Aaron Hicks and the eventual call up of Aaron Judge. 

The Yankees team gets younger, more versatile and cheaper with any deal. Even if the Yankees end up eating salary. 

Beltran has still shown an ability to be productive meaning the Yankees could get something meaningful back in return for the rental. 

I know I said it once but Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge. 

The case against a trade:
Beltran reportedly always wanted to be a Yankee which may tarnish the reputation of the club that trades him in some circles. Not all, but some. 

The team is still in contention for a second Wild Card spot and trading away one of their most consistent hitters does not help that cause and may look foolish if the team goes on a second half run like they have been known to do in years past. 

Trading Beltran throws the “World Series contending team” mantra out the window and finally confirms what we already knew, the Yankees are rebuilding. 

Beltran is willing to talk waiving his no-trade clause if approached and can only block a trade to 15 teams anyway so it seems like all the planets are aligning for a trade of Beltran this summer. Will the Yankees be able to pull the trigger though and what would they get in return? That’s anyone’s guess at this point. Stay tuned.


  1. Burch there is no case not to trade Beltran or others for that matter. Anyone who understands the game of baseball knows this team has no chance of making the playoffs let alone win the WS. This team is a fraud and will tease you here and there. In my opinion there is not one player on this roster that is safe and a few with no trade clauses should be either sent to the bench or flat out released. My list of players to trade are as follows in no particular order.


    I would only trade Miller for a major haul as he is your closer for the next two years at least. Tell Tex you either waive your no trade or you're sitting the pines or outright release. Yes I know what are you going to get for him, anything is better than what he is doing and please don't say at least the guy can play D because if you ask him his answer is I'm there to hit HR's so clearly he understands it the offense that matters.

    I would play Refsnyder every day at any position they can find a place such as LF, RF, 2nd base and rotate Castro, Gardner and Hicks with Refsynder. I have said it for a long time the kid can rake and the trade of Castro was a waste. give the kid 300 at bats and you will get more production from him than Castro. You want to sit Didi down every so often and put Castro there or at third and sit Headley the 52 mill bust then go for it. Again a poorly constructed team that the elf put together and lets call it the way we see it...Hal wouldn't spend so the elf made trades that were and are counter productive.

    1. Hans, very good, I agree with everything except Castro. Right now he is a much better infielder than Refsy and I believe they want to have Refsy as a utility type player. We have a few SS and one 3rd baseman about ready to play (2017) 2nd base. Then Castro will move to 3rd base.
      Refsy needs a lot more work at his job before they will trust him at any infield spot for much time...but, next year he should be much better and able to play 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, LF, RF so, he will get many more ABs next year.
      How about your thoughts?

    2. Reed if they stop toying with Refsynder and let him play second base I'm sure he will give you close to the D that Castro gives you eventually. You can only get better with reps and they won't give it to him. You don't trade a useful arm away in Warren when you have a better hitter in Refsynder with a weaker glove.

    3. I'm with Hans. The only way Refsnyder gets better is with more consistent playing time. Besides, what happened to the saying "If you can hit, they'll find a spot for you." In September of last year, and the very small sample size this year, he's clearly shown he's our most consistent and most competent hitter. Even when he makes an out, it tends to be an 8 or 9 pitch professional at bat. That's much better than seeing Arod and Teix strike out on 3 pitches.

    4. It's a royal flush because I agree with all of you. And Hans you know I had to put a few bullet points for both sides as far as the article goes. my opinion is obviously to trade him and call up Judge. I've made that clear many times that I am pro-prospects.

    5. I like how it was the a similar offensive production as the rest of the team combined in the past week, and all girardi says is "yea, he had a big game. a couple of hits and a couple RBIs."
      probably send him back to hell where he belongs.

    6. True Refsy could turn into a very good 2nd baseman, but don't bet your life on it. They have him as a utility guy...and it sucks, a hell of a lot. but that is the way they FUBAR in the Yankees.

  2. I have been a Yankee fan since the mid 60's I have seen the high and the low. I'm not a spoiled Yankee fan that was born in the era of us destroying teams and being in the WS year in and year out. All I want is for them to stop their BS mantra of WS or bust because in todays game its not going to happen even if the Yanks spend $400 mill.

    This team needs to cut bait now stop the teasing and be realistic that even if they make the play in game it means shit to the future of this franchise. Advertising is down, Viewership is down, attendence is down. You just got throttled by a superior offensive team in Toronto and you are hovering near the cellar. What does it do for you by constantly putting Tex and Headley and Castro and Gardner out their everyday? It does absolutely nothing for your team.

    Hal and the elf make it like we are dumb shits and its ok to keep battling all the way till the end with this weak ass team. Guess what people its not ok because the writing is on the wall. There is no reason at all to keep putting this team on the field day in and day out. We knew we weren't signing Robertson or Cano yet all we got was a sandwich pick. Why is it that other teams are able to decipher the code and trade away players that another team wants? Beltran is desirable as is McCann and Chapman and Gardner. Its the change of scenery for some of them and this is why I can't stand Hal or the elf and for you Reed...Levine and Trost. Its also no fun playing your game Burch because all you and Reed do is put down win after win after win. Grow some nuts and throw some loses on your picks and make it interesting because I'm sure you're smarter then to think they will win every game. What fun is that?

    1. It's my strategy. My strategy isn't working, you should be happy about that. I don't like predicting losses until/unless I have to at the end of the season.

    2. That is a good idea Daniel, why don't we just quit being on the Yankee band wagon?
      Because we are Yankee fans...that is why, and I for one don't believe this team is going in the wrong direction at all. Think of it as loosing weight, it doesn't happen over night it takes some hard work, pain and time. We are in the pain time now for the next year or two...maybe, I hope, damn better be right! LOL

    3. Reed where to do you come up with these things? Being a Yankee fan has nothing to do with wanting the team to make moves that are for the betterment of the team. Having this fraud team hang around does no one any good. Sometimes you need to take a few steps backwards before you go forward. Hanging around for the play in game and getting knocked out is not what I call for the advancement of this team. They need to know like anyone that has a clue that is is time to get rid of some of our pieces to move this franchise in the right direction. I don't consider yourself anymore of a Yankee fan than me or anyone else on here for that matter because I feel a different approach is needed. I would say most of the constant posters on here feel the same way I do that its time to cut bait. I have no problem attaching my name to that

    4. If you had understood what I wrote Hans, you would get the idea I want some the same people gone as you and others do. Being as they won't cut anyone making $12 or more we have to live with it until their contracts are up!
      What I say is called thinking ahead, or reality. Not going to happen the way we want it to happen nor when! It will be on their time table not ours. Do I want it sooner, damn right!
      Once the deadwood is cleaned up, they will get us some talent...that's the plan...I am hoping anyhow!


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